images (8)Just the other day I read this incredible post about India, and was pretty happy, exited and kind of pleased.

This one is for all those Indians out there who are not only responsible for brain drain but also for criticising this nation and uselessly discouraging its beauty.
People out there do care about Indians. India is one of the world known tourist spots and yes, ours is one of the prettiest countries of the world.

The rich heritage of the country adds to the magic. As we descend Jammu and Kashmir , leaving behind its cold climate, we travel down the  neck of India onto the western states that display beautiful heritage sites and along with the central states they give a picturesque print of forests dotted with hundreds of trees and lions and tigers! Moving on to the seven sisters of the country in the east, magnificent hills with colorfully dressed ladies can be seen plucking tea leaves. The south, in all its glory, open up a pathway to heaven with their dense forests, rivers and coastlines.

images (13)

You want pilgrim spots? It’s there – right from a temple to a mosque. You want to eat good stuff? Right there starting from spicy curries and biryanis to sweet gulabjamuns. You wanna shop? Aha! You get everything, starting from ghagra choli to Chanel shoes. You wanna make friends? Never a better place!

India lacks in nothing, and i mean nothing at all. A bit of internal problems like corruption are there everywhere – nothing’s perfect! But yeah, India IS a perfect blend of all religions…and that’s something we need to appreciate.

So haters gonna hate – but we rock!      images
Proud to be an Indian!
Jai Hind!

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