Cosmetic Cover up for hiding acne scars

The pain of separation hits everyone …but separating yourself from an acne scar? That’s a separation that never hurts – but a separation impossible to attain, literally.

Skin treatments and therapies for the removal of acne can sometimes be a bit too expensive, and we sure are not millionaires now, are we? So the best option is – concealing them!

It is a point to note that many people have these scars, so you need not be ashamed of them.

SO here are a few handy tips on covering up your scars using cosmetics – yeah I’m referring to makeup as is eyeliners, concealer, and lipsticks.

However, step one is washing your face regularly to remove dead cells.


Before a few dots of careful brushes tipped with a concealer, you can go in for a leveled layer of foundation. A thing to note is that too much of foundation or concealer can highlight your scars instead of hiding them, so kindly avoid putting on a cake like layer of these substances.


Concealers are mineral bases known to positively conceal blemishes, dark circles, spots and other skin defections. You need to be careful in choosing a concealer – it should be of a tone similar to your skin tone. Broadly there are 4 types of concealers that are liquid, powder, tube concealer and highlighting pen. You need to be cautious of your needs while choosing a concealer. A tube concealer gives a thick base whereas powder is one of the lighter concealers providing less of a cover.

The game is selecting a proper concealer. Ideally, your concealer should be a shade lighter than your foundation. Yellow tanned concealers are the best for red scars. You may go in for a layer of green concealer before applying the normal one as red is cancelled by green, but be careful not to end up with green spots on your face.

In short, the tips to keep in mind are: Care for your skin, moisturize it, apply foundation, choose the right color of concealer, apply it sparingly, and set it with powder.

Eye and lip makeup

Lame it may sound, but it works! Putting on a glamorous eye makeup and a spark of gloss or matt on your lips actually diverts attention from your scars. It’s a go-go plan if you’re on for a party!


It is a great misconception that blushes hides the scars. We are well aware that blush highlights the cheek bones – so basically it’s a highlighter. And that’s what it does to your scars! It highlights them. So one should avoid applying too much of it, though it’s not harmful in small amounts.

Makeup is a great and safe way to cover up scars, but the art goes in making it stay. Not a big deal, applying moisturizer and letting your makeup set before moving about and harassing it is the main trick.

But if you lack time and can’t put in so much of efforts daily, there is. Of course, an easier but expensive option for you all! There are cosmetics available in the market that you can avail to with the recommendations of your dermatologist.

PS: I wrote this coz I just met a friend breaking down over a scar that would accompany her to the evening party :p
May god bless you dear girl!

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