Common triggers of acne and ways to deal with it

Shriek is what you do when you spot this point on your face – acne! These undesired elements are not alien to girls and boys alike, especially those facing puberty at its highest!

Though the teens today are completely aware of what cosmetic to use while treating an acne (thanks to those advertisements on the idiot box), they lag behind in attaining information on what this really is. Curing this crimp on your life would surely be easier if we get to know what it is and how is it caused!


Triggers of acne!

How is acne caused is a question yet unanswered. Scientists believe that androgen is the real devil. Androgen, a hormone, rises in level during the period of adolescents, thus leading to a problem of acne.

The real mechanism is something like this: Androgen controls the produce of sebum, an oily substance that blocks the pores of our skin. This is an incentive for bacteria that cause inflammation. Hence, the acnes!

In women, acne can be spotted during pregnancy and in many cases, just before or during the time she attains a state of infertility permanently ( i.e. perimenopause and menopause).

Also medicines like corticosteroids and cosmetics having androgen are responsible for acne.

Toxic build up, diet problems, stress, lack of sleep, unhealthy situations, etc also contribute in the development of this problem. All ultimately lead to the release of androgen!

Now about how to go about treating them!

How to deal with Acne!

Beating pimples doesn’t just mean applying the best of the cosmetics on your sensitive skin! It does involve many other methods, undeniably cheaper compared to the lotion therapy!

Step one is getting your beauty sleep. Yeah, being sleep deprived won’t get you much ahead with an acne removal plan in head. Also, lack of sleep causes stress and finally the chain leads to androgen secretion, you know the rest.

The next thing you should consider is washing your face regularly. This cleans your pores and makes them dust free which in turn leads to unfavorable conditions for the inflammable bacteria. Result – less of the acne problem!

Now, if you spot acne on your pretty face, I’d advise you not to wash, scrub or rub it because doing so would just injure you and make the pimple noticeable. Also, don’t think about drying out the acne out in the sun – coz it doesn’t work! Say a definite yes to sunscreen!

Don’t get demoralized, discuss this with your friends and you’d know this is a common problem – trust me, it feels good!

Hydrating yourself is an effective way to avoid acne. Drink loads of water to flush out the internal toxins – it does reduce acnes considerably.

Another point to note is, you must keep your hair out of your face and hair blocks pores. Also, use hair care products with care.

Make avocados, salmons and walnuts a part of your diet – Omega3 is an anti dose for acne. So go ahead and test these wonders.

The next obvious step is going in for a lotion that suits your skin. For that, you may take help of a dermatologist. Remember; don’t ignore your jaw line while applying these.

So, basically – you deal acne by cleansing your skin. These pimples go away on their own generally, but then they might take years!

But fret not – my pimples don’t define me and i hope it sthe same for you!

Stay Blessed! Love u all ❤

2 thoughts on “Common triggers of acne and ways to deal with it

  1. A very helpful post 😛
    I have had my fight with acne, and I do recommend drinking loads of water, as you said, because that is the body’s natural way of dealing with toxins. 😄

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks 😀 N yep ! well to be very frank I haven’r really faced it 😉 My best friend is the source of inspiration – u know the stuff like how horrible those tomatoes feel :v ! Luckily enough my family is like they’ve always been a no pimple clan 😉


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