My second Liebster Award!

This one is for you Malviika !

Thanks a ton for giving me my second Liebster and yeah I love your blog! (I’d highly recommend it to anybody and everybody!) One of the cutest (yeah I do refer to your looks), sweetest (your nature) and lovliest blogger I’ve met!

Here are the answers to the question you asked !

1) Why did you start blogging?

Firstly, writing is my passion and all my life (whatever I’ve lived) the only cnstructive thing I’ve done is writing. I started blogging in particular because some SEO experts with whom i used to work a couple of years back had suggested me this. Moreover, school doesn’t start for the next two-three months and I have basically nothing to do! So blogging seemed a great option.

Oh i wish i could get in touch with that SEO employer again! 

2) Share with us, what you think are the essential ingredients of a good blog.

Writing skills, knowledge of the subject you’re blogging on, time and again updating your blog and of course a juicy a little brain to spice it all up.

3) One tip you want to give to all the new bloggers out there.

Never get discouraged if you are not noticed in the first week of your blogging. I’ve seen many bloggers quit blogging coz the first week yields no traffic. Just stay calm, keep blogging and join a blogging community! (like google+ or something!)

4) One quote you live by.

“We’re playing the same game, just differet levels. Facing the same hell, just different devils.”

This one keeps my perspective towards everybody equal! It kinda reminds me that the other person is habing a tough time too – I need to go easy!

5) Name one personality you really respect and state why.

My mother! I love and respect her a lot. Its because she’s strangely perfect at everything she does, literallly everything!

6) If you could have only three things on this planet, what would they be? (It doesn’t have to be physical, could be feelings like love and deep things like that!)

It would be the biospherical composition (can’t help thinking scientifically about it, sorry, lol!), wisdom and my sanity (I keep loosing it frequently!)

7) One ability or skill you would want to acquire and why?

I’d like to be able to keep my marbles together more often. I have this weird habbit of slipping into the world of fantasy now n then! I wish i could control it and pay more attention to my classes.

8) The one thing you would never want to loose. (Again, doesn’t have to be physical)

My family.

9) What do you do when you are bored? (I need some ideas XD)

I write. I read. I soacilise. And basically I’ve reached this phase of my life when I never get time to be bored! It’s like either do your assignment, or practice math. Oh yeah, sketching is great too!

One activity I indulged in recently was working :3 ! Ridiculous I know, but i started working online, writing SEO stuff, and making prjects for college people (shhh they don’t know a school girl was doing their projects). The good thing was that they liked my work and returned for more.

10) What is the story behind your blog name?

Being Me hit me when I was wondering about a blog name. I didn’t know what else to write.

For a detailed one you may chck out  this post (though I warn you its random ranting).

PS: I know I should abide by rules but frankly, I’ve not been blogging for even a week now and I need some time to know a bit more of bloggers and read more blogs before nominating them! So I’m breaking the chain for now! 

Stay blessed. And thanks again for nominating me Malviika!

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