The Makeover of India

So this one’s an old article I had written previously, aimed at a few of my acquaintances.

Throwing aside, on the pavement, the empty popcorn packet, Priyanka continued describing her recent trip to London, “…and the malls are worth visiting. And the streets, well, they’re amazing. So clean, not at all like India, after all there are quite strict rules; you are finned on spitting and littering the streets. Well, just look at India! Okay, I’ve gotta go. See you later.” As she walked away towards her parents, who were waiting in their car, a smile played on my face. She was accusing her fellow Indians of littering about but was doing it herself! Oh my god! Now what can you say on an occasion like this? And at that moment a new realization dawned upon me.

Indians (including ourselves) are always complaining and pointing out India’s backwardness, dirtiness and other such things. We’re always comparing India with London or Washington, always criticizing our nation saying, “The cities are garbage dumps, the laws aren’t properly implemented, airports are hopeless” and so on. I’m echoing Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalama’s words, “YOU say, say and say. What do YOU do about it?” So, who’s to be blamed? Our answer- the inefficient government. But wait a sec., just think about it, is the government the only one to be blamed?

I totally agree that the government is not performing its duties properly, but aren’t we a part of this too? We are the ones who litter the streets, we are the ones who don’t follow the rules, we are the ones who bribe the government. And then we wait for the government to do the cleaning job and to teach us at every turn of life what is wrong and what is not! We, the same ones doing the above activities, would not dare to do those in London or Washington. Then why do we do it in India? Our answer-‘cause everyone does it. How can my activities alone matter? But it’s not so. You do matter because many ‘yous’ come together to make the ‘we’ needed to change India.

I hope you are getting the point that we’ll have work towards the makeover of India. Let’s not depend upon the so called ‘inefficient government’ but show our efficiency.

Let us, the responsible citizens of India, take the initiative to start this struggle to make India what England, America and other such countries are.

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