Bad habits to control for preventing acne

Acne is something that gives shrieks to the boldest of girls and hovers like a tension even upon boys going through puberty. Adolescence is a stage presenting you with the epitome of acnes and it is also the time that presents you with the most
moderate-acne-vulgarisacne-vulgaris-derm101-0kyquu8idisgusting and commonest of bad habits. Checking your lifestyle can, to a certain extent, control acnes for all!

Too lazy to clean!

90% of the people suffering from acne are the ones too lazy to splash some water on their face. Washing your face twice a day cleanses blocked pores, hence avoiding the growth of bacteria that inflames pimples. So the first thing you should do to prevent acne is, stop being a couch potato and take care of your organ skin! Also, you need to regularly wash off make up and other secondary stuff.

Rub, scrub and Nudge!Dollarphotoclub_71756590-e1420699905700

Stop manipulating your skin! It’s yours after all! A bad habit people tend to develop is vigorously scrubbing their skin with a washcloth or nudging, poking and pulling it. The only thing is, you need to gently rub it and wash with mild or lukewarm water. No violent actions required!

Reduce pressure!

Pressure of any kind on your skin, like cell phones, musical instruments or even a hand while in a boring lecture can induce acne. Teens today are over obsessed with phone conversation and that is precisely why they are the most acne prone people. Even while watching the television, it’s not exactly healthy to rest your cheek on your hand – it’s a pressure!  Stop pressurizing your skin and let it be free, like a bird…and glide it will towards the beauties of heaven!

Sun’s the culprit!

A myth commonly discussed is that the sun is good for acne prone skin. No! A complete no – no! The ultraviolet rays in the sun are what cause aging! Aging, inflammation, etc are all that the sun can give you. So opt for a sunscreen against the sun. Be safe, be acne free!

Do not wash too much!

Contrary to what I said before? No! Another myth in circulation is that washing your face 100 times a day keeps your skin clean. But then, it cleans your skin a bit too much – even of the essential oils required to fight off bacterial growth. And that’s where you’re hit with pimples. Twice a day is all you need to wash your face!acne_scars

Too lazy to shampoo your hair!

What has hair to do with acnes on skin? Well, it does have a lot to do with just that! If you skip shampoo, your hair is found to be oily and that’s no secret. That oil can simply seep down your forehead or can rub onto the skin when in contact with it. As we know, oil is exactly what we need to avoid. So skipping shampoo is formula one for getting a pimple.

Careful about the hair products!

Though you need to shampoo your hair, you need to be careful about what you use and how you use it. So opting for certified and well known shampoos should be your choice!

Feel free to inquire about more!

Stay blessed, Love you all! ❤

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