Best antioxidants for your skin

It is no secret that antioxidants are an integral part in retaining one’s skin’s youth. Wrinkle free, healthy skin, cancer free skin, and a glowing skin can all be attained if you’ve got hold of the right antioxidant. But then, the question arises:  which is the best of them?

The answer is a hard one…that is, the scientists say that most of the antioxidants are same in rank. But still, the quickest and the most accessible ones are mentioned here.

Green Tea285-Antioxidants

Yes, I am talking about the caffeine – green tea. It contains Catechin polyphenols resulting into great antioxidants. A single cup of green tea can provide 10-20 mg of it. Basically, the polyphenols present in green tea help to correct the cellular changes taking place in our body during UV exposure, of course, due to the sun. While looking for products with green tea in it (you’d like to do so if you don’t want caffeine in your diet), make sure that it has adequate amounts of it. Creams having proper amounts of it would appear to be brown in color. If the amount is too less, it would be of no use to your skin.


Having a strong amount of polyphenols, this lush fruit is used in many skin care products for its qualities. Containing amounts of vitamin C and B5 along with phosphorus, it is a powerful anti aging substance. Pomegranate juice is much more beneficial to green tea. This light sensitive product has an added benefit of being deliciously juicy!


The tasty fruits called grapes are considered a strong antioxidant basically due to the amounts of resveratrol found in them. Eating grapes also keeps back triggers of skin tumor. Resveratrol is a compound containing high amounts of polyphenols that anti oxidize the skin beneficially. So be on a lookout for these yummy vineyard fruits.

Red apples

Delicious, lip smacking fruits – apples – have always been associated with the proverb – an apple a day keeps the doctor away! Well, polyphenols are in the game again! The apple skin contains high levels of it. So here’s a good reason to buy a red apple and eat it with its skin.


One of the most vivacious dishes includes tomatoes in their recipe. Red, seedy, juicy and fresh tomatoes are bestowed with lycopene – a strong antioxidant.  However, for optimum absorption, Lycopene needs fat. No need to fret if you’re a careful cholesterol intaker, just go in for olive oil and pair it up with tomatoes wherever you can. But a point missed by many that I would like to point out is – a lot of the tomatoes available in the market are covered with pesticides and fungicides and this can be harmful for not just your skin but your health all over.

Ibedenone, revesterol and vitamin C are the qualities you should precisely look for in food stuff – or in any stuff for that – if you’re looking for antioxidants for your skin. These three are the best, undoubtedly.

Stay blessed. Love you all ❤

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