Exploring Numerology – Understanding Personality Traits by Birth Date

Numbers have been a significant part of the world’s evolution since time immemorial. Just have a look around, everything, right from the composition of oxy in air to the number of shoe you wear, involve numbers. Astrology is no different.

One of the great proofs of this is pointed out here !

One of the easiest occult arts is numerology – knowing your traits with the help of numbers. These can be the numbers corresponding to your name or to your birth date. Want to unlock the secret of your destined virtue? Just follow up…Abstract Digital World Background

Firstly, we’ll focus on obtaining your life path number. It can be obtained either using the whole birth date (dd/mm/yy) or simply by using your birthday. Here we’ll use the later one. Just add the digits of your birthday individually till you get a single digit number. For example, if you were born on 12th, add 1 to 2 and obtain 3. So that’s your life path number.

Now let’s have look at the characteristics displayed by each number:

1 – Creatively unique, bold and a self attained is what defines you best. Success will always be your slave if you remain independent but on the other hand, if you turn out to be egoistical and selfish, life will take a toll on you. Just stay stress free, maintain a healthy lifestyle and use your talents!

2 – Competition is not your cup of tea. Caring, sensible and perceptive, you have a strong tongue that may sometimes hurt people. But anyway, people sometimes don’t give you enough credit, so you should righteously voice yourself. All in all you are very selfless and hard working, Just try not to be pessimistic.

3 – Sunny hearted and bubbly are what you are! Always optimistic and unconcerned about money – spendthrifts. Your infectious sense of humor and excellent show of talent that you have in ample in the field of writing, acting, etc, make you a loveable person. Always successful and loved by people.

4 – A born manager, you are very sensible and down to earth. Hardworking and loyalty in equal proportions make you one of the most dependable person and the best in a group. You believe in keeping fewer friends but good ones and your friendships last a lifetime. Just be on a lookout for opportunities as you have a tendency to lose them.

5 – You’ll are the free birds who need their freedom. You are not good with routine work, though you are multi talented and a source of motivation to all. You may sometimes fall in bad company, but avoid it. Your love for an adventurous life is evident.

6 – Known as the domestic person, you are care giving and humble in all aspects. If you know how to keep your pride in check, you will be very successful. You are very idealistic and realistic about life and you put family and friends first.

7 – You don’t believe in quarrels and like to live life your own way and that’s one of the reasons why you stay away from the hustle bustle of the modern life. Sometime you don’t like the feeling of loneliness but your spirituality and studiousness takes up your time. Sometimes you tend to be secretive.

8 – Hardworking and crazy about money, you guys are generally financially strong. You stand as a team leader and a visionary. You are always ready for challenges and know how to stand up to competition. You need to pay a little less attention to your status instead of things that matter.

9 – You have an open personality and as you stand elated in the number system, you have some high responsibilities too. You work to make the world a better place and are sensitive and whole hearted. Though hot tempered, you are friendly, though generous, you care about materialistic things.

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Stay blessed. Love you all ❤

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