Versatile Blogger Award – VBA

I’m glad to be nominated for the VBA or the Versatile Blogger Award! Thank you so much imperfectioninanutshell for giving me this! Means a lot, and I’m really grateful to you! All of you need to check out her amazing blog!

Just a quickie : Versatile Blogger Award is a chain award given to the bloggers, by the bloggers, to appreciate the uniqueness of the topics covered and to appreciate their ability to implant a new thought in your mind!

So seven facts about me are:

1. I am an avid reader. I am addicted to books! And yeah, my taste is totally different as compared to my fellows here! So that makes me an outcast with books!

2. I absolutely love writing! And everyone would agree with me (everyone who does know me). And yeah, I’m kinda proud of my ability to write so much.

3.If I’m comfortable being around you, I can talk a lot. Well, I can eat your head up with my random rants.

4.I love DEBATING. No matter what the topic is, I can debate for hours on it!

5. I love making new friends. It thrills me!

6. I, more than often, end up hating my hairdresser.

7. I belive I can talk bitter, and sometimes I do that!

The bloggers I’d like to nominate are (you guys need to post seven things about you, and continue the chain!)

 Cuteness in all its versatility 


Another Angsty teen

Indian Travel Diaries 

Dreams come true

Stay blessed 😀 lOVE YOU ALL! ❤

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