Study Tips – How to Create Effective Study Environment

Effective time management, high motivation, focused reading, organized preparation, etc, you have it all. Still you are unable to concentrate and get facts into your head. And you now consider yourself to be a thick headed stupid. Is that the case? Well then just stop the nonsense and pay attention to what’s being said here, in this article.

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Is it generally the yummy aroma of cookies wafting in your way or the barking of half crack dogs just outside your window that makes you lose interest in what you’re doing? Then don’t blame yourself for the discontinuity of studies you are facing. It’s actually an indication that you need to start working on how to create an effective study environment. And we’re here to help you do that precisely.

Some students find it better to study n their own rooms whereas the others feel it’s distracting. They see the room as a place to sleep and have fun in. So whether you choose to study inside your room or outside, keep a few points in check:

  • A positive stance: You need to think positively and with an open and fresh mind. No need to deem over the time you’ve wasted or the chapters u haven’t read yet. With a deep breath, dive into the books with a great openness. Grab in all you can and take it on without any regrets. Just keep in mind that what you are about to do is going to help you soar with marks!
  • Check out your ambience: There are people who’d prefer a quite atmosphere with the least possible of sounds. On the other hand, some may feel that it would cause them to be distracted if there’s slightest of a gale moving and so they prefer a noisy atmosphere. So you need to assess yourself on these and decide if you’d prefer a place with background noise or a place with pin drop silence.

Then you may need to pay attention to the lightening. If it’s bright, it’s right! But too much of fluorescent light is stressful and harsh on the eyes whereas dim lightening may coz you to either feel drowsy or cause the depletion of your eyesight. So go in for white light that’s just right!
Temperature should also be kept in mind. Where cold temperature fall harsh and distracting, warm atmosphere will make you sleepy and you may even doze off! Of course you won’t like that! So you need to regulate the temperature…you may wear a light jacket to avoid the cold or sit near the window to relieve the heat.

  • Accumulate resources: Now this is a must. If you decide to study out, take a backpack with all the necessary materials in it. It sure is irritating and disturbing to keep getting up after every 10 minutes to get the notes you forgot or the pencil in your pouch. So before you sit down to study, take everything you can think of, right from pens to light snacks for your study breaks. You may require something to chew on – but refrain from doing so during studying. Go in for fruits and light stuff as sugary things could make you go sluggish.
  • Things to avoid: Headphones as then the mind will give preference to the material that is closer – music from the headphones. So a light stereo track would do but no raps and rock music or headphones.

Studying in front of TV or studying with a significant other who is not taking the same classes.

In the end, just be focused and once you’ve found your comfort zone, be consistent and don’t leave it.

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