Study Tips for Parents – Motivating Your Child to Study and Do Better In School

A disheartening F on your child’s report card, an unsatisfying C grade when he can do much better, a completely irresponsible attitude towards studies, mount of complains by teachers – are these your complaints? Are these the problems that make your blood pressure touch peaks? But then, just as no locks are made without keys, no problems exist without solutions! And hereby we bring a solution right for you and your problem!

There are many kids out there who are self motivated and do their home works and school works right on time. You need not go babbling behind them. Those are generally the self driven toppers who have an excellent executive functioning. But on the other hand, there are kids who are not so motivated, or maybe they are motivated but not exactly the way we’d like them to be. You call them lazy, irresponsible, videogameholic, and what not. But did you ever try to think why they’re so? Or instead of just yelling at them and cursing your fate, did you try to take on new approaches to bring situations under control? If I have a guess, I’ll say no! So try the methods mentioned below and see the difference!45-Reading-Rex

  1. Befriend your kid: Talk to your kids like a friend. Encourage him or her to open up and give opinions. Ask him about what he feels and respect his suggestions. Just befriend your kid from babyhood and instead of obliging him, discuss matters with him and mark my words- a guide is more helpful as compared to a map! So be his guide and not just a bossy old chap ordering away without troubling ‘bout his feelings.
  2. Make him or her feel in control: Help your child set goals and tasks that are within his or her reach and make it a point that they complete it on the day marked. Help him arrange his or her schoolwork and assignments. Intervene when he or she feels he or she’s being overburdened. Don’t allow them to feel depressed or over worked; instead teach them to take charge of situations.
  3. Be as enthusiastic as you child is: If your child is interested in a particular subject or is keen on some hobby, help her harness it or follow it. Like if she loves birds, take her bird watching. This way she’ll learn not only within the bounds of her classroom, but also from nature itself.
  4. Have an effective study spot: A room as silent as a library and away from other members of the house and with enough lightning maybe best for your child but some may even have children who feel better if they are in a room nearby to the living room or where everyone hangs out. Anyway, experiment and once you get the best spot, don’t change it.
  5. Make it fun: One of the main reasons your child likes more of video games and less of studies may be lack of interest in studies. Try to include activities like games and let him or her learn in play. Break down assignments into smaller pieces of fun. You can search the internet for play and learn techniques.
  6. See what he’s learning not earning: Don’t ask what grade he or she scored but ask him or her to teach you what was taught at school in their own way.
  7. Love but don’t pamper, scold but don’t make him whimper: Be kind but firm, gentle but strict. Help him with everything, be kind and encouraging instead of a yelling beast. Don’t make him afraid of yourself rather make him feel you are always there. Do not pressurize him but coax him into doing something better.
  8. Help out: Help them in studying but don’t do it for them. Just provide guidance. If they find some subject tough, help them with it and explain it. If you can afford it, hire a tutor if you feel your child is not able to catch up on some language
  9. Focus on positives: Failed the literature test? Maybe topped in math. So he or she does deserve a treat. Emphasize and encourage the good points and deeds the child has done. Do out the failures but just with the intention of making sure he or she’s noticed it. Don’t keep on repeating where he or she went wrong.
  10. No one’s seen the future: The most common dialogue that echo in parents head is “would my son be able to do anything in life?” Well, when you see your child acing lazy and completely disinterested, you take it to your heart that your child would be useless in life. Instead stop those silly ideas and get on with helping your child!

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