Career Planning – How to Choose Best Career Counselor for You

Thousands of career options out there. Hundreds of career options you are attracted towards. Just one ‘you’ to take up a career. That means just one career option that is to be chosen.

Now the question remains – what is the best career to opt for? And to answer that very question precisely, we have the career counselors!

Career counselors, coaches, or mentors are people that help you with identifying and exploring career options, selecting, focusing and targeting on job searching, helping you with resume writing, and all such stuff till the end of the process. So you wanna switch jobs? Search for a new one? Want to decide where to begin your career? Then, simply choose a career counselor to guide you through coz come what may, they are the best people one can rely on!

Now to talk about how to choose best career counselor for you. It’s not that difficult at all but yeah, it does involve the art of choosing! It’s not necessary that the counselor who met up to ones needs appropriately will be able to fulfill your demands too.

Choosing the right career counselor

Let’s take a look at the aspects one should focus on or the steps one should take while hiring a career coach. Right from starting your search to following u on the results achieved, you must be focused to the best of your capacity.

Know your needs: The first and the basic step you need to adopt is assessing yourself on why you need a career counselor. You need to define the reason – do you want him to guide you on a particular career field? Or do you want to entirely leave the decision of your stream in his hands? Once you know this, the key requirement is they with you! This makes the inquiry ahead easier.

Ask your friends and relatives: There are chances that they know something apart from the Yellow Pages or advertisements.

Let out word: Drop hints everywhere that you are searching for a counselor. Let everyone know so that they can drop ideas about good counselors. This is going to only help you, so no harm in spreading the news!

Also ask for references: Before finalizing a counselor, ask the references questions like what the counselors strengths or weakness are, was he effective, did the counselor succeed in providing the reference what he or she needed and if there are certain reservations he or she’d like to mention. Take them into confidence by ensuring that the information would be kept to you.

Next, use the internet: If friends and relatives don’t provide satisfactory information, log on to the net and surf for counselors. Be precise in looking for free trials with him or her. You may elect five to six of them and go along taking the trial class to see who is the best suited.

Select the right counselor: Be informed about the counselor’s credentials like their education, licensing, certification, etc. But also remember that the person with highest qualification may not be the best mentor. Know about the services you are going to receive and time commitment needed. Ask questions about counseling techniques.

Keep cost in mind: On an average, counselors cost from $50 to $500. But it is advisable to stick around till $160 per hour. Above this, the rates are highly unreasonable, except if you are royalty! And prefer counselors who charge by the hour.

Some natural tips include that after you finalize your career counselor, be sure to know how to contact him. And yes, if you’re unsatisfied, then terminate the relation immediately. Before fixing on another, leave the current!

While you’re in session with the counselor, participate in the planning process but don’t over bug the coach.

If you are side by side referring to a local mentor or your career idol, remember that it’s good to take in their knowledge but never let that be a cause of you letting down plans decided upon by the counselor.

In the end, remember that this is your career you are talking about. So it’s pretty important whom you look up to. Choose wisely, reap greatly.

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