Bad boys – yay or nay!

This is an era where boys today feel that their easy let go attitude combined with a “cultured bad boy stance” is something that girls adore – or rather something that’ll make them popular. Fighting, bossing around and showing how powerful they are is what they think is called being ‘attractive’.

Well, as per the perspective of a young adult out in the world, here are the views of girls on such things!

Today, girls are quite independent and wise enough to choose a groom for themselves. Making a temporary boyfriend is not exactly in the air for some people. The serious ones want a steady relationship with a guy who’ll understand them, respect them for who they are. In return girls are ready to accept guys for who they are! A simple treaty !

For a more detailed speculation, guys, consider this: Why would a girl want to date someone whom she’ll be tempted to gift a voucher to a salon and a quit nicotine centre? Why would she even care to look at a guy with messy hair and a shaggy beard? Dude you don’t have time for a haircut and you expect us to believe you have time for us? Whoa!

Secondly, girls today won’t mind supporting their men financially, really – but only if the men are trying hard to rise on their own feet.

To be conclusive : Guys misunderstand a want for a tough guy to be a want for a bad guy. Girls never expect you to be a cute little clerk, all dolled up with neat short hair and a crisp shirt tucked in a raymonds pant, but yes, they do expect you to have a good name amongst the people who know you, they expect you to be understanding. What they really want is a no drama persona combined with a sweet and loving heart.

So guys, time to give up that made up bad boy attitude. Don’t try to be the rooster if you’re just a li’l chicken.

Smarten up, be the respectable man she dreams of! Charming doesn’t always mean messy! It doesn’t have to!

Your comments are most welcome!

Stay blessed! Love you all!

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