The study week!

Hello everyone out there!

This week I’ll be working on the theme “how to study better, get better grades, choose right career” etc. About 3-4 write ups on this theme that will be super boosters for your academics I’m sure. Now, since the theme says study, it doesn’t really mean it’s for school goers! You can use same tips to find a work place, to complete your work assignments and help you vent out your job pressure, etc.

I’d love to recieve suggestions on what theme do you guys want next week!

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Relationship Breakup – Questions To Ask Yourself before Ending a Relationship

Wanting to be with that extra special person always, holding hands, those ‘perfect life’ moments when you get a sudden kiss, those cherished hugs, songs sung together, making each other laugh out loud, crying together, sharing each and every moment of life, wanting to be in each other’s dreams, in short – loving each other unconditionally…but suddenly one day or rather over a period of time, it’s gone. No more is he your heartbeat, no more is she your breath of life…rather it’s a nightmarish scenario for you both and you want to call it quits!tumblr_myp08blWgc1si8ya3o1_500

Are you experiencing that? Well, then you certainly need to go through this article! I’m not going to council you here, but just ask you to go through the questions mentioned. Just ask yourself these questions before ending your relationship.

Is the problem too hard? 

Ask yourself what the real problem is! Is it that your partner is abusing you, using violence or is an unchangeable drunkard? Then it definitely is a problem you need to solve by ending the relation hard heartedly. But if it’s not, if it’s just that you feel you don’t love each other anymore, or you feel it’s enough and you aren’t any good together cause of lack of understanding, then stop there for a while and talk to your partner about it. And by talk, I mean discuss it in a civilized way, don’t resort to ‘loud discussions’ or what normally people call fights. Stay calm, and maybe you’ll find out that you both still do love each other, there’s a string that you guys are holding on to! That in itself would make your relation worth fighting for!

Am I being rational?

You feel as if ending the relationship will open the blissful gates of the fantasyland known as ‘being single’, right? Wrong! What if you find out later on that you still miss him, that she was your life still? What then? He or she’s gone forever, and trying to gather lost feathers are one of the hardest things possible. Ask yourself and be just in answering the question: Is my relationship the only reason I’m unhappy?

Is his mistake greater than your love?

No one’s perfect and it’s a truth that one acquaints itself of sometime or another in life. You should keep this in consideration when you find your partner up to some mischief cause to err is human! The real question you should be asking is whether his mistake is huge enough? Or can a second chance be worth a shot? Ask if you can trust him again. Go back to those times of insecurity when his presence was enough to make you feel comfortable again. Don’t just let all that go in vain, try your best please!

Am I being too hasty or am I overreacting?

Promise yourself that you’ll give the problem a week’s time before ending your relation. Maybe, you’ll realize that it was a mere misunderstanding. Contemplate the issue from when you started feeling like ending the relationship! You can even go for a short vacation – on your own, without your spouse or partner. It would be a great change and you’ll get rational circumstances to think things out.

My family, is he or she any less of it?

Family and friends are a great issue. Pressure by them is one of the reasons why you tend to break it up. But ask yourself; is your family actually right? Does the relation mean anything to you so you can fight for it? Isn’t your partner one whom you had considered being your family too?

May you have a prosperous life with the significant other, because love once found should not be allowed to get lost!

I’d love to answer any of your queries below!

stay blessed! Love you all ❤

Dear Diary!

There’s been a question disturbing my piece of mind since many days and today I’d like to voice it – WHAT AM I?

Oh I have no doubts about being a girl, 16yrs of age at that, but what I really want to know is AM I an adult or a child?

In the adjoining room, seated in front of the television with a chopping board and a bottle guard in hand is my typical Indian mother who at one instance argues that I’m too young to go over my friend’s place for a harmless party and at the very next instance says that I am old enough to go three kilometers out of the way to the grocery shop to get finely ground white flour – just the way she likes it – for the delicacy she wants to prepare for some distant aunty who’s visiting her after a long time, say about after two days!

She says I should behave lady like and like a tamed young girl – all prim and proper – in front of the society. But, but, but, if I just as much as comment on something they’re all discussing, I’m told to shut up and keep mum like the 16yr old I am. Well, what do you say about that?

Ok, all that is bearable but what happened today surpassed all. You see, next week is my dear Shreya di’s wedding, and don’t ask me who that is coz frankly I’ve met her just twice but obviously it’s a big event as mummy took me out shopping for that. So I am supposed to be dressed traditionally. No issues at that. But trust me; shopping with mum was one hell of a nightmare! Unbelievably disastrous that trip turned out to be!

I chose a Sabyasachi sleeveless fishtail cut peach costume. It was hot I must say. Just as I was about to take it off, I was dragged to check out a down market, yellow and blue lehenga with stupid sequences and bright zari all over it. It’s hard to breathe in with that thing on, leave alone attending the wedding. There were similar war waged over jewelry and sandals and other such stuff.

After this spree, I have no doubts about mum being intent on turning me into Lady Gaga II.

The next intended pun was at the saloon. Is it so out of the ordinary to color one’s hair? I didn’t ask for a ridiculous purple or pink dye but just a streak of rust highlights. But no, Mrs. I-like-you-offended had to intervene! Doesn’t she know there is ammonia free stuff available now? Or does she seriously want me to be in a huff at all times?

Am I allowed to do nothing I like? Am I too old for half the things I enjoy? Am I too young to indulge in activities I find fascinating? Or is it that the statement ‘act you age’ is a punch line for all times for parents who want to save themselves the pain of changing THEIR outlook.

Shouldn’t people update themselves with the changing times? Shouldn’t they try to understand teenagers as they themselves have been through this age? Or am I being too fussy about something adolescents have been facing since time unmemorable.

I don’t know…but I’m not made of moldable soil. I am what I am and always will be. I won’t change myself!

ps: I’m sorry if you were bored coz of my ranting…! And thanks for reading the whole thing!

Love you all ❤

But then mummy says I’m too old to preserve that attitude…

Build Friendship – How to Make Friends

Friends are the tonic against loneliness, isolation and are companions that are craved by all. It is said that girls can go without boyfriends but not without best friends. Not just girls, but this applies to each and every one of us, right? After all, who likes to drown in the sea of solitude? You may certainly like to be alone in times of sadness but who likes to be alone in times of happiness and success. For motivation, inspiration, moral support and companionship we need friends.

But as time passes, we grow older and strive to find true friends. Sometimes a change of cities, too much professionalism, graduation and other different factors make us lose touch with our friends and leave us stranded with a need to find new ones. This article is here to help you with just that – how to make friends.

A true friend is someone with whom you can interact with the deepest level of satisfaction. One who not merely stands with you in times of happiness but also at times of need. One who’s there not just during celebrations but during times when you’re weak and need a shoulder to lean on. That’s what a friend is and it’s not tough to find those because out there, there are more people like you who need friends. Befriend them and you’ll find your friends.

Helpful Tips on building friendship

Meet people: Point number one you need to pay attention to is finding some potential friends. Do some volunteer work where you’ll find kind people sharing your interest. You may join a club or take a class, or do some simple things like walking your dog in a public place, attending music recitals, book launches, etc, carpooling to work, inviting a neighbor or colleague for a drink, or connecting with your alumni. This will bring you in contact with numerous people.

Chat up:  Start small talk. You can’t really hold them by the caller and force them to be your friend. You’ve got to make yourself likeable; you need to create topics you can talk about. Start by remarking on the surroundings or asking open ended questions like ‘What keeps you busy’ or something. Compliment him or her, discuss topics of similarities and most importantly, listen to what the person says.

Do your best to meet up often: Make plans of meeting later. Take down contact information. And do your best to keep every word and accept every invitation.

Be a good friend: Well, if you’re meeting up often, sharing stuff without strings attached, helping each other, you’ll are very much friends to each other. Now your aim should be being a good friend. For that, do the following:

Focus on the good points of your friend: It’s easy to point out the negativities of a person but highly difficult to appreciate their good points. So do just that, encourage their worth!
Always pass him or her a smile when you see them: Smile, you look beautiful! Even while talking on the phone or texting, your smile reflects on the conversation. So never forget to let your lips do what they do best – smile!
Don’t keep grudges: Don’t hold over to the past and keep reminding yourself how the other person has treated you, it could be corrosive to the friendship.
Stay Positive: To be a likeable friend, you need to show others what you see in them – the good points please!
Help out coz a friend in need is a friend indeed: Help a friend in need and he’ll always remember you and the number of blessings on your part will automatically add on.
Remain kind: Kindness is never out of place. Don’t be over grumpy and hateful with your sarcasm.
Show gratitude: Show how much you value your friends. Love them and they’ll love you back.

Keep repeating the cycle of meeting new people and adjusting and conversing with them. Soon you’ll find your social circle. Work to build a strong foundation and surely, yourly friendship will last long and forever.

You need to be a person you’d like the second person to be and treat your friends like you want to be treated. Listening efficiently is a very important part of this. Listen to what your friend has to say. Give time to the friendship. Give your friend space, no need to be too needy or possessive. Don’t put up a rule sheet or something; let your friend evolve herself/himself. Most importantly, forgive because no one’s born perfect!

Making friends is not tough. Neither is it about finding people who are your kind, rather it’s all about finding people who you are comfortable with. So, be patient and best of luck! May you hunt some of the best friends this world has to offer!

I am always here to befriend you all! Love u all ❤

Unveiling The History of Seattle’s Underground City

Situated in the state of Washington, a 100 miles from the Canadian border, lies a major port city of US – Seattle. The mystics of the Queen city are something of historic importance. A look at the history of Seattle’s underground city would leave you intrigued too, I’m sure.

seattleThe Seattle we know today didn’t exist until the 6th of June, 1889. The modern day Pioneer Square was a void of nothingness before 1889. What was the magnanimous event that turned the pre existing void to what it is today? Was it a magnanimous event or a traumatic disaster?

The underground city life

Before we go into the deep, let’s know a bit of the pre 1889 Seattle. It used to lie 12-30 feet below the present Seattle. The swampy mud land was inhabited by the Native American tribes of Duwamish and Suquamish. The town of Seattle started evolving around the Pioneer Street, located exactly where it is today. From here, the city began growing as a series of upward rising streets and at the base of this hill was a low lying marshland. Due to tides, this area used to flood twice a day. The sewage lines located by the corner of the water front streets were not spared this flood and this meant that people going to the loo had to be careful or else they could be blown off their seats during a tidal wave. The visit to the water front was now regulated according to the tidal time table and the toilets were built on the first floor. Even the single leveled houses had their toilets on pedestals.

Slowly, Seattle started organizing better. The high crime rates started dropping and by early 1890’s the city was a leading one, courtesy the womenfolk and their hard work. The numerous wooden house dwellers started involving in trades.Michael Benton HiRes (2)

The Great Fire

On one fine day when the fire chief was out of town, June 6th, 1889, a cabinet maker spilt glue over gasoline fire. It is needless to describe the after events – the glue catching fire, spreading around, majority of the city made of wood, the volunteer fire workers though being helpful but not as efficient…it was a matter of some 12 hours after which 120 acres of Seattle city was transformed to ashes. Courthouse, churches, service buildings – all were burnt to the foundation. Everything came to a screeching halt as the people found their properties in ruins and mind you, there was just one case of casualty if we talk about the human population – no harm to them!


1931 Hipodrome

However, the people of Seattle were not the ones habitual of fretting. They were rather relieved that the fire had eased one of their troubles; the rodent population had been reduced to vestiges by the fire. The civilians got their hats on and picked themselves up. Hey decided to rebuild rather than relocate. In this combustion, they saw an opportunity to rebuild their precious city according to their liking.

Second chances are rare, they say. It’s important to make note of how you use the second chance given to you and Seattlers proved pretty good in making the better of the one given to them. Amongst the various measures taken, wooden buildings were banned and stone and brick was introduced. To rid themselves of the tide problem, they started building on higher platforms. Downtown was leveled. Some roads were raised by as much as 22 feet. All business moved to the upper floor. Decoration downstairs was reduced whereas gaiety increased on the upper floor. People had to climb up the stairs to visit shops. Even to cross roads, they had to climb up and down staircases. With the lightning of glass prisms in the underground city, the people of Seattle started living a new life. It was a beginning after a disastrous end.3804151495_bfcb886d97

Soon, the threat of more rodents led to the flight of the underground city to the over ground one. People moved their residences upstairs. Buildings in the underground were used as warehouses and coops of nefarious activities.

Eventually, people forgot about it and it lay abandoned. The new generation new little about it and cared even less due to their ‘race the time’ schedules.

Bill Speidel’s Underground Tour    Fire-Horizontal

And then came into play Bill Speidel, the famous savior of the Pioneer Square, a columnist with the Seattle Times by profession. It was the year 1954 when the city’s birthplace had fallen to such a case of disrepair that few gave it its rightful respects. Shirley, Bill’s wife, suggested he should get it restored and that’s where the saga of Bill Speidel’s Underground Tour begins.

During his activism, he, unanticipated by nature of course, chanced upon some old shops elevated after the fire. He paid a certain amount to various store owners as rent and inspected the elements closely. It was a matter of great struggle with the Seattle City Council before the underground city was first recognized as of historic importance. Having the support of over 100000 people, Bill moved on with a petition and got 20 blocks of the Pioneer Square as Historic District. He opened up an Underground Tour and on the first day took about 500 enthusiastic customers around.

The 1960’s were when the Seattle Central Association, a under oath enemy of historic preservation, tore down buildings to make parking lots for the automobile reign. The pioneer street would surely been under attack if it had retained its state of disrepair. But the plate of ‘Historic district’ encouraged the banker’s enough to kick in cash funds for development of the area. The preservation of the Pioneer Square was underway! Today they it’s known as one of the oldest neighborhoods and it’s hard to imagine how under cherished the place once was.

Over the years, the buildings have been smartened up to make them visually attractive. Bill Speidel took his customers on a tour that had the underground charm and was in every way ‘under the ground’, countering the situation today due to the city Council’s concern and claims of it being unsafe. That’s the time the underground city was unveiled in the real sense to the people.

The subversive city was affirmed dangerous years ago, but parts of it are open for tour conductors. The tours include visits to old bank vaults, toilets, furniture, wooden beams and all along with mice and mustiness. Tours are popular amongst tourists and locals alike. In 2004 adults only Underground Tours were organized incorporation talks about prostitution, the opium trade and other immoral deeds. Tales about ghosts are not uncommon, rather the people who question the existence of phantoms in the said district are regarded as under informed, naïve idiots!

G4LQD00Z Seattle, a really intriguing place with Microsoft, Amazon, Starbucks lying alongside an intricately unintentional ‘Underground’, today is known as one of the big boys and is counted along with New York and San Francisco. The Rainy City has its own store of old worldism and theology to offer. Leaving you speechless is not its intention, but so was the case with the creation of the city below and old habits are hard to rid…