When an adult throws a tantrum

Lol ! This does open a few lines of thought for many ! Read this for sure!!

The Pantsless Bear


Just as the sword is to the righteous man, the tantrum is to the dateless.

  • William Howe, 5th Viscount Howe



Firstly, what is a tantrum?

Well, a tantrum is an outburst from a mind that refuses to accept what is.

Refusal of acceptance is the cornerstone of emotional suffering and plagues most people at some time in their lives. We associate tantrums with 3-5 year olds. They scream, they yell, the whine and then they finally accept the circumstances and calm down. The parent (if they’re a good parent) usually doesn’t console or indulge the child and the child learns that tantrums don’t actually work.

Children are typically extremely egotistical in their early years and make demands of the world. When the world doesn’t meet their immature expectations, they lose the plot for a short period, blame their parents, then calm down and finally accept the…

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