The creative blogger award!

Yay I’m back to the blogosphere after a 10 day vacation ! I’d soon be back to posting short stories and informative articles.

Meanwhile, I was nominated for the creative blogger’s award by a wonderful blogger herself! Thanks a ton bookwormwithopinions for nominating me. All of you should check out this little talented lady’s blog – it’s one of the best i’ve come across.BD21531_

The creative blogger award is a chain award given by a bolgger to a blogger to appreciate their creativeness! Yep!

The rules are:

  1. State five facts about you.
  2. Nominate other bloggers.
  3. Tell them you nominated them!

Five Facts About Me:

  1. I love chocolate. I am in love with them – specially dark chocolate!
  2. I want to do something BIG in my life – I mean I don’t wanna die as a nobody – I wanna be someone who has left a good impact (or possibly a dreamy impact) on many a lives.
  3. I scored really good in my 10th board – 9.8 out of 10 (without putting in 5 hours of studying everyday 😉 ) and so I’m getting a new smartphone!
  4. I love psychology and philosophy – and such talks too!
  5. I am not really keen on being with animals – they get on my nerves.


My nominees: (they are all spectacular! Do have a look)

  1. OY3’S BLOG
  4. FÀrgaregÄrdsAnna
  5. Blackcat345


So long! See you all soon!