This post is for you!

This post is for all those amazing daddies out there!

This post is for those men who ain’t just a father but also a dad.

Dedicated to the men who kill their wishes in order to fulfil the outrageous demands of their little ones. Who go without bread in order to satisfy their kids hunger.

Dedicated to the men who return home each night, after a tiring day at the office, and make sure their little one is sound asleep. Who remove their shoes and tip toe into their room just to give them the “promised goodnight kiss”.

Dedicated to the fathers who bear the tortures of their “idiot-useless-and-dumb” boss, just to make sure their angels don’t face the harsh complexities of the weather. Who work hard not for themselves but for their innocent kids.

Dedicated to the daddies who go through thick and thin to ensure their daughter is safe and happy.

Dedicated to the fathers who let their funds go into a Harley, so that his son doesn’t face embarrassment before his friends.

Dedicated to the fathers in the old age home who never knew that the child they sacrificed for would turn into a horrendous wretch.

Dedicated to the fathers who lost their sons and daughters either on the border or in the hands of evil in laws.

Dedicated to the men who could never reap the fruit of fatherhood. Who were deprived of this gift of nature but would have given their heart and soul to be a dad.

Dedicated to the future dads out there, struggling in the hands of the cruel world.

But most importantly!

Dedicated to my papa who’s been there for me always. I know you never say …but you are there! Thank you for everything! And sorry…for the wrongs I’ve done so far!

Love you!

Happy fathers day to all 🙂


12 thoughts on “This post is for you!

  1. Thank you! I have nominated your for the Starlight Blogger Award, please look at this post here

    And thank you for the inspiration always!

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