The Faces of Homeschooling: Pros and Cons.

In today’s totally commercialized professional world, where money speaks over humanity, people have started homeschooling their kids. Distrust on educational institutions is not the sheer reason of their going in for this method of schooling, but factors like religious checks, physical abnormalities, etc are various reasons that lead to this decision by parents.

   What is homeschooling?

Home education or home schooling, as the term states, is the education of a child at home by parents or guardians instead of in formal public schools. It was the prevalent method of educating one’s children a few decades ago.

Are you one of those people out there with a child, totally confused about what you should go in for…homeschooling or regular schooling? Then I’m sure this article will be helpful to you…

Stating the various pros and cons of homeschooling, I’ll advise you to give undiminished attention to this factor because the future and the life of your young one lies in your hand!

Home based learning is not a new concept; rather it is the gift of our ancestors. During the pre-industrialized era, children had no means of mind development but their homes. Even today, till the age of three – four years, all the learning a child does is in his own abode. Today, homeschooling is resurfacing at a rapid tempo. Let’s note the reason.

Pros of Homeschooling

Family Familiarity!45-Reading-Rex

Homeschooling means spending time with your family. You get educated at your house and that means expenditure of extra six hours with your family as compared to other children. It results in the development of closer relations with the members. A deep understanding of family norms and principles develop in the child.

Bad Manners, Go, Go, Go Away!

Since for the larger part of the day, the child is with his/her family, he/she is exposed less towards unhealthy habits that may corrupt the child’s brain. Things like gambling, drugs, violence, are distant things for the child. This upholds the purity of the child.
The child is even saved from mental harassment like bullying, mocking, eve teasing, etc. and encounters less crime. Homeschooling provides for a safe environment to dwell in.

Mold them as you want!

Home based education helps the parents to mould the child just the way they want. Parents can teach them what they want and can emit the things they don’t want the child to learn. This way, if the parents want the child to focus more on certain subjects, follow certain pattern, think in a particular way concerning religions, develop philosophies typical to them, etc, they can do it without any binding.

Take you own Sweet time, Sweetie!

There’ll be no time bounds and the children can take as much time as they want to learn the topics they have a problem with. Yes, parents do control the timing of study hours, but the timing can be set according to the parents’ schedule, the ideal time of the day for studying for that particular child, etc. And another added plus point is that the class can be held practically anywhere or at any time! The family can even plan outings without having to worry about shortage of attendance or missing of school courses.

One and Only One!

The child receives individual attention. This is a big advantage as the parents can alter the lessons according to their child’s mental status and needs. The lack of distracting company allows the child to be all ears for the materials to be taught. This leads to quick learning of matter.

2 States - DVDScr - XviD - 1CDRip - [DDR]-002

The above mentioned points sure make this style of education preferable but, like every other factor, it has its own disadvantages. There was a reason why homeschooling had cleared out making way for the usual public schooled education recently.

Cons of Homeschooling

Too much of You!

Though all the time spent together forms a stronger bonding, it also leads to the limitation of time you spend alone with yourself. This, as usual, leads to conflicts that may result in serious fractures in the relationship. It does lead the parent and the child to think, “Too much of you!”

Expensive? Yes it is!

It requires a lot of funding. Parents need to organize field trips and have to buy educational material that may lead to the expenditure more than their affordability. The child needs to be provided with proper curriculums and activities. Lack of money at a critical stage can lead to a serious hindrance in the child’s future. To avoid that, parents should always check up their finances well in advance.

What’s world?

The child remains unaware of the real competition out there in the world. He is also unaccustomed to the foul ways and means as he’s bred in a proper, favorable environment since childhood. This leads to the child getting left behind when he ventures out on his own. This could prove fatal for the child’s career.
Even socially, the child lacks smartness. Unacquainted with people on regular basis, he may develop into a timid personality later on. This is an essential factor in the child’s brain development. The interaction with kids of one’s own age available in a regular school is deficient, no matter what the parents try.

Parental Procedures…are they right?

In the end of the day, parents are parents. It sometimes becomes impossible for them to provide the rigidness of a regular teacher. This weakens the child’s discipline. The fact that he/she is at home makes her accustomed to a lifestyle right for him/her. This leads to problems adjusting later on in life.

Content Correction! Are you Professional enough?694138

The parents need to do quite a lot of research and they need to invest quite a lot of time in order to make lesson plans that are adequate for the child. Sometimes, the lack of proper knowledge may be disadvantageous for the child’s education. So it is not always possible for the parents to educate the child the way professionals over the years do, especially if the parents are not trained in the field of education.

Like many other things, societal acceptance of homeschooling is another aspect. Not everybody will accept is as easily as you do. It is hard for most of the people out there to believe that homeschooling is as efficient as regular schooling. This could be a problem for you and your child because criticism is not the best medicine for a child’s mind development during his early years.

Like everything, homeschooling has its pros and cons. Ponder over them and remember that the future of your loved one lies in your hand! Take the right decision. Contemplate your situation. While at some instances homeschooling is the best, at other’s it is not so effective. And in the end, as John Halton says, “Think of yourselves not as teachers but gardeners. A gardener does not ‘grow’ flowers; he tries to give them what he thinks they need and they grow by themselves.”

Do leave a comment on what YOU think about it! Ask any queries in the comments below!

The day <3

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So firstly! Today’s rakshabandhan! A festival celebrated by Indian brothers and sisters where the sister ties a holy string on the left arm of the brother and the brother pledges to protect her always. Of course there’s a long story behind the fest, but I’ll come back to that on some other day!

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No there’s none! I loved every part of my childhood…but there’s no memory that more prominent than the other!

2. Do you have any particular obsessions?

Yeah there are many! Zayn Mallik is one of them lol! N then comes chocolates, shoes and clothes. Books and my mobile are on the list too.

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I’d choose emerald city, lol! Ok to be real, I guess puri, a city of Orissa (India) would be great!

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Puri,Orissa,India! That city is love! The pure blend of spirituality and the fun waters of one of the best beaches of teh country is a complete haven for writers, peace and fun lovers alike!

Goa wasn’t bad !

5. Which animal you fear the most?


6. What did you want to be when you were a child?

An astronaut. Forever till I came to the ninth grade. Now m in the eleventh grade and wanna go in for cyber ethics.

7. If you had a restaurant, how would you call it?

I really don’t know…something like pikachu? I suck at naming lol! What would you suggest?

8. What is your favorite food?

Anything that has chocolate, cheese or chicken!

9. What is your favorite nail polish or makeup color?


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My questions:

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How To Choose A right House Cleaning Services?

Washing dishes, doing up laundry, tiding the rooms…the list of daily house chores are endless. But the number of hands you’ve got is limited – two, the number of hours you’ve got to do them too has boundaries and they’re quite inadequate, more so if you are a working home maker! But surely you can’t ignore the exertions…

You certainly can’t have someone to substitute you in place of a mother who’s kiss a child needs when hurt, or a wife who’s got to chose the right necktie for her husband, but you surely can have someone who’d substitute you as the laundry person or the one who scrubs the floor, and that’s where choosing the perfect house cleaning service comes in!

But the question is how to choose the right one? How to trust an outsider with your domicile work?

A number of professional house cleaning services have sprouted up over the years keeping in mind the requirements of various households but there are a number of aspects we need to look into before handing our duties off to them, some of the vitalities go like:

Timekeeping: You need to make sure the server is punctual and honors your time because after all you are the client. It just isn’t appropriate for you to keep following up the company!

Authenticity: Marking that you are letting a total stranger into your abode, you should be doubly sure of their genuineness. Checking if they are insured, bonded, and legitimately valid (licensed) is the first step towards it.

Charges: Various service providers have different charging schemes. According to your work type you may check in to see which is more cost effective to you: whether it’s signing in a yearly contract, or price tagging the house according to the square meters cleaned.

You should always do some probing around about the service provider before investing your hard earned money into the deal.

The next step is checking out the chores you have to complete and see that the professionals tick off everything in your HOUSE CLEANING CHECKLIST. Let’s have a brief look into it…

Washing dishes, dusting furniture, and laundry are some of the daily tasks every company will fulfill but there are some more jobs to be looked into like cleaning the corners once a week, dusting lampshades and ceiling fans once a month, maintaining the sanitary and kitchen hygiene, etc. According to your house plans, scrubbing of wooden floors or weeding of the lawn should be inquired after. Whether or not you plan to make seasonal changes like exterior and interior renovation should be kept in mind .So what are the services provided and different service packs are one the most important questions to be asked.

There may be providers who offer you numerous lucrative services within an affordable rate but you must NOT go off the mark and stick to servers who provide you professional cleaning according to YOUR home structure. This maintains your economic and proficient wants.

It is always a money-wise decision to sign in a contract that has different charges for daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonal work.

Hiring a house cleaning service does require a bit of extra care in the initial stages, but in the long run it turns out be beneficial. So while choosing, keep in mind the long run needs of your family, the structure and furnishing of your house, needs typical to your family and the reputation of the company you are hiring.

And one important thing you should, at all times, remember in the bargain is: you are the master of your house!

Exploring Preschool Craft Ideas

Preschoolers are quite moldable, as preconceived, and not at all quiet! It is a general idea that occupying them with work would not only help you maintain a peaceful atmosphere, but would also develop the child’s mind and the synch between eyes and hands. So it’s pretty helpful for teachers as well as parents to have some craft work to engage their young ones with it. Here are a few craft ideas for preschoolers!!


For this simple and interactive craft item, you need help your child glue together a couple of simple plastic tubes through which your child could see. Now take colored cellophane and attach it to one of the ends of the tubes to give the impact of colored glasses. Now ask your child to sketch and color some figures or stuff on paper and stick the cut outs of the same on the colored cellophane. Tada…your mini binoculars are ready! 119-300x300

Cut out the cookie frames

This one’s simpler. Just ask your preschoolers to trace out the shapes of various cookie cutters available in numerous shapes on a piece of paper. Ask them to color them all and later on these could be cut and displayed around the class.

Collage Art

This one’s the messiest one but I’m sure your kid’s would love it the most. Simple, exiting and beautiful, this one requires simple magazines and newspapers. Ask your preschoolers to cut out the pictures of cars and dolls or whatever that excites them. Then have it stuck over a piece of colorful construction paper, randomly! Encourage them to fill as much of the space as they can. Have the piece of paper displayed in the classroom or their rooms. Make sure to have newspaper laid on the surface before starting on with this as the glue could spread and spoil the floor!

Easter Lamb

Well, this is an idea keeping in mind the hot chicks and funny bunnies of the Easter season. Pop a few popcorns in the microwave and keep in mind the quantity since you’d certainly face a snack time! Then help your preschooler cut an oblong head and elongated legs out of black paper. Stick them on the plate at the right places. Ask your kid to fix a googly eye on the head. Then ask him to apply some glue on the body area and sprinkle popcorns on it, covering it thoroughly. After a few hours, shake off the excess popcorn and your lamb is ready to be displayed!

Butterfly Mask

For this simple and involving activity, you need to start by drawing the shape of a butterfly – big enough to cover the child’s face – on a piece of paper. Ask the child to color or decorate the butterfly according to her or his own wish. Let him or her make it as colorful he or she wants. Then stick the paper on a cardboard and cut the shape out. Punching two holes pass a pipe cleaner through to make the strands of the mask. This would keep it in place. Your butterfly mask is ready!

Cloud cut out activity!

Create cut outs of the shape of a cloud. Now provide kids with a bowl of glue and a bunch of cotton. Ask them to dip cotton swabs in glue and paste them on the paper cut out. This is quiet an engrossing task as children love glue!

Bookmark – the worm

Help them make a bookmark, and this surely would provide as an incentive for them to read books. Or open them at least. For this interesting activity, ask your little ones to cut out circles of foam. Keep the diameter one inch and the colors of the foam vivid. After you have adequate amount, about six to eight, circles, stick them, each one overlapping the other slightly, in a successive manner. Once that’s done, cut out two antennas made of pipe cleaners and stick them on the top most of the circles. Stick a couple of goggly eyes. Done? Tada…Here’s your lovely bookworm bookmark!

You can do practically anything and make activities out of nothing, like the Easter lamb! It’s pretty delightful to see kids work, and they find a delight in messing up the place! So be careful with that! Good luck!

The IF I WERE tag !

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If you were a novel?
Any one of the VAMPIRE ACADEMY series! Richelle Mead you rock!
If you were a film?
Well…this is tough…I’d choose a Bollywood film EK Villain! (trust me Idk why I chose that! )
If you were a bad person, a really really bad one (kind of a villain, not a real person)?
The guy who started the concept of racism! Blah!
If you were a song?
Night changes!(one direction)
If you were a fairy tale?
Beauty and the beast
If you were an artwork?ApolloDapheBernini
Bernini’s Apollo and Daphne (I don’t know much of art! ) I’ve put a picture here!
If you were an artist?
Leonardo Da Vinci (That guy was real!)
If you were a poem?
A dream within a dream by Edgar Allan Poe:

Take this kiss upon the brow!
And, in parting from you now,
Thus much let me avow–
You are not wrong, who deem
That my days have been a dream;
Yet if hope has flown away
In a night, or in a day,
In a vision, or in none,
Is it therefore the less gone?
All that we see or seem
Is but a dream within a dream.

I stand amid the roar
Of a surf-tormented shore,
And I hold within my hand
Grains of the golden sand–
How few! yet how they creep
Through my fingers to the deep,
While I weep–while I weep!
O God! can I not grasp
Them with a tighter clasp?
O God! can I not save
One from the pitiless wave?
Is all that we see or seem
But a dream within a dream?

If you were a phrase?
We’re playing the same game just different levels, facing the same hell just different devils (ok, so this was like the hundredth time I mentioned this phrase on my blog!)
If you were an historical character?
Galileo Galilee
If you were a vehicle?
A jet plane!
If you were a city?
If you were a comic book character?
Betty from the Archie’s!
If you were a color?
If you were a perfume?
I wouldn’t exist !
If you were a sound of nature?
Rustling of leaves
If you were a flower?
If you were an animal?

If you were a plant?
The lemon tree

If you were a pizza?
Anything with chicken and cheese….! Lol!
If you were a dessert?
Chocolate souffle
If you were a drink?
Home made mango shake!
If you were a french fries topper?
Ketchup !

I nominate 

Each and every one of you who’d like to get tagged ! And yes, every one of you reading this is tagged 😀 !

Blogger Recognition Award

A huge thanks to OY30 for this wonderful award! All of you should check out this youngster’s blog! He rocks!

What’s this award? BR_Award

Well this award is an extension of gratitude  to all those people who make your news feed exciting!

So now, here are the rules for your reference:

Rules (as quoted by oy30):

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The story of my blog

It’s nothing dramatic (to be frank)! As I finished with my 10th grade board examinations, I had nothing to do for about 3 months!

I had met a generous fellow when I was 14 yrs old. I had started working (to pass my time) from home. He was my boss kinda! Till date, I guess I don’t know his real name or identity. We interacted through emails. I’ve never even seen his face. But he was a true inspiration for me. He claimed to be a retired marine (but I can’t account for it to be the truth). But all I knew was that he knew a lot about SEO work. And a fraction of that knowledge was what he passed on to me.

Somewhere down the road, he planted this idea of blogging in my mind.

We lost contact as after my last payment, he never showed up online. But then, I started my blog…inspired by him!

Advice to new bloggers

I ain’t very old myself lol! But yes, I’d say that the key to blogging succesfully is giving time to your blog (that I’m unable to do). Be consistent, and good with your content. Interact as much as you can. Comment and share other’s posts. Make new friends!

My nominees

This is gonna be tough. There are about a million of you who really matter. But I go with the first few of you!

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There are many more of you! But rules are rules!

Thank you for sticking around guys 🙂 ❤

Walking in Seville

Feel the words 🙂

alexandra write now

Orange lined sidewalks, lush leafy trees perfuming every street.
He planted them when she asked for snow, the legend goes.
Now the ground falls pure in Seville springtime
White blossoms blanketing pedestrian feet.
They have so many orange trees in Seville, every tourist will say.
Natives will tell you not to take a bitter bite, but
follow the color and you will find
the garden, Adam’s Eden in a city. It can be spotted, lush and large, from
the highest tower built for the walk of a donkey. A palace oasis of romance from a time
of golden towers. It’s a far-away wild jungle within arm’s reach. Find yourself
in a mosaic corner and listen to the water spit. Leave those celestial walls and enter a
playground for Indiana Jones, each tan rooftop asking for a legend. He could easily scale
that city. Find a random street and try a…

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This or That!!!

I got a new nomination up my sleeve! The make up tag! A huge thanks to HotChoclate264 for this super interesting tag! And yeah you should all check out her fantabulous blog!

images (3)


  • Lipgloss or Lipstick? Lipgloss! Subtle!
  • Eyeliner or Mascara? Eyeliner !!
  • Foundation or Concealer? Neither, to be frank!
  • Eyeshadows: nude or bright colors? I don’t use much of it …but I’d prefer nude!
  • Compact or loose powder eyeshadows? Doesn’t metter to me lol…coz as i said I rarely use it!
  • Brushes or sponges? Brushes!


  • OPI o China Glaze?  OPI.
  • Long or Short? Long! But school rules require me to keep them short!
  • Acrylic or Natural? Natural.
  • Dark or light colors? Dark! It suits my skin tone!
  • With or without flowers? without!


  • Fragrance or Scented water? Fragrance!
  • Moisturizing body lotion or Body butter? Lotion!
  • Shower Gel or Soap? Never tried shower gel!
  • Lush or Other company? Well down where I live Lush ain’t that prominent lol!


  • Jeans or Sweatpants?  Sweatpants!
  • Long sleeves or Short?  Long!
  • Dress or Skirt? You can’t chose between them!!
  • Stripe pattern or Plaid? Plaid!
  • Thongs or Sandals?  sandals.
  • Scarf or Hat? Scarf!
  • Drop or Stud earrings? Both are equally cool!
  • Necklace or Bracelet? Bracelet!
  • Heels or Flats? Uh….!!!??
  • Cowboy or Horsewoman Boots? lol!
  • Jacket or Sweatshirt? Sweatshirt!


  • Straight or Curly? I’ve got curly (wavy actually)hair…but wouldn’t mind switching with straight ones!
  • Bun or Ponytail? Ponytail
  • Bobby pin or Hairgrip? Babby pins!!!!
  • Hair spray or Styling Gel? Neither.
  • Long or Short? Long
  • Light or Dark? Dark.
  • Bangs: Straight or Swept to one side? side swept!
  • Tied or Loose hair? Loose


  • Rain or Sun? Sun.
  • Summer or Winter? Neither :3
  • Autumn or Spring? Spring ❤
  • Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤

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A momma’s View


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Happy friendship day !

Thanks for being there every one of you!
Thanks for following reading and commenting on my posts!
This day I dedicate go every one of you!
Yes you, who’ve been a mental support to me forever!


You, whom I met by chance and am thankful to meet.
Someone very rightfully said :

When destiny made a mistake by not connecting two people by blood, it rectified by making them the very best friends!

A very happy friendship day to all my friends (including my blogging frnds, followers and subscribers)!