Writing Valedictory Speech for Graduation Ceremony

Graduation is one of the most important events of one’s life. It is always desirably the best of what it could be and to be selected as the valedictorian is indeed a matter of honor. Along with the sense of achievement it also brings about a sense of responsibility and the want to stand up to the expectations of your teachers, batch mates and friends. You obviously wish to make this speech one of your bests but after all, you’re not an experienced orator, just a 21 year old! But some tips and tricks mentioned here on writing a valedictory speech for your graduation ceremony would surely help you in this dilemma.

Starting it!day-15-graduation

First impression matters. People will take interest in your speech only if the starting is good. After the mandatory “Good morning honorable guests, teachers, administrators, students…” line and stating the reason of the assembly (Graduation ceremony) crack a humorous line or throw in a quote.

Smile please and Time yourself!

While writing a valedictory, one thing you must keep in mind is that you need to be chatty in your tone and not deliver long lugubrious speeches to dole in the audience. It sure is sad that you’re leaving the place where you’ve spent the most important years of your life but try to be cheery about it and motivate the listeners. Including quotes are always a good idea and quite effective in making your speech livelier. But don’t pack up your speech with them, a couple of quotes or at the most three are acceptable.
Remember that you want to leave a lasting impact but not bore them to the verge of yawing, so keep your speech short and sweet. Take no more than ten minutes that’ll count up to about 1500-2000 words.Retention_Programs_Improve_Graduation_Rates-hero

Dig up the Past

Graduation is the time to remember and cherish all the good and hard times you’ve experienced throughout the year. Recollect and include small anecdotes and incidences in your speech. No need to go in the details of the story, just pick out the touchy moments and put them forth. Sometimes you even need to go and personally interview the part takers of the incident. Merits like awards won, scholarships received, sport records broken by students should be particularly mentioned. If there are teachers retiring, address it. Mention the reputation of your class amongst the institution staff, the dramatic events that took place, and funny scenes worth mentioning. It’ll reflect originality and make the speech relatable, inviting attention.

You can throw in occasional sentences thanking the institution members and expressing grieve on leaving them. Keep the base of the speech inspirational and funny at the same time.

Bear in mind that your duty is to make everyone feel special and to leave a mark on every mind. Don’t humiliate anyone or crack a joke that hurt someone’s feelings. In the end just mark this: Words are stronger than stones! So prepare before you speak and I’m sure you’ll rock the ceremony!

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