Exploring Preschool Craft Ideas

Preschoolers are quite moldable, as preconceived, and not at all quiet! It is a general idea that occupying them with work would not only help you maintain a peaceful atmosphere, but would also develop the child’s mind and the synch between eyes and hands. So it’s pretty helpful for teachers as well as parents to have some craft work to engage their young ones with it. Here are a few craft ideas for preschoolers!!


For this simple and interactive craft item, you need help your child glue together a couple of simple plastic tubes through which your child could see. Now take colored cellophane and attach it to one of the ends of the tubes to give the impact of colored glasses. Now ask your child to sketch and color some figures or stuff on paper and stick the cut outs of the same on the colored cellophane. Tada…your mini binoculars are ready! 119-300x300

Cut out the cookie frames

This one’s simpler. Just ask your preschoolers to trace out the shapes of various cookie cutters available in numerous shapes on a piece of paper. Ask them to color them all and later on these could be cut and displayed around the class.

Collage Art

This one’s the messiest one but I’m sure your kid’s would love it the most. Simple, exiting and beautiful, this one requires simple magazines and newspapers. Ask your preschoolers to cut out the pictures of cars and dolls or whatever that excites them. Then have it stuck over a piece of colorful construction paper, randomly! Encourage them to fill as much of the space as they can. Have the piece of paper displayed in the classroom or their rooms. Make sure to have newspaper laid on the surface before starting on with this as the glue could spread and spoil the floor!

Easter Lamb

Well, this is an idea keeping in mind the hot chicks and funny bunnies of the Easter season. Pop a few popcorns in the microwave and keep in mind the quantity since you’d certainly face a snack time! Then help your preschooler cut an oblong head and elongated legs out of black paper. Stick them on the plate at the right places. Ask your kid to fix a googly eye on the head. Then ask him to apply some glue on the body area and sprinkle popcorns on it, covering it thoroughly. After a few hours, shake off the excess popcorn and your lamb is ready to be displayed!

Butterfly Mask

For this simple and involving activity, you need to start by drawing the shape of a butterfly – big enough to cover the child’s face – on a piece of paper. Ask the child to color or decorate the butterfly according to her or his own wish. Let him or her make it as colorful he or she wants. Then stick the paper on a cardboard and cut the shape out. Punching two holes pass a pipe cleaner through to make the strands of the mask. This would keep it in place. Your butterfly mask is ready!

Cloud cut out activity!

Create cut outs of the shape of a cloud. Now provide kids with a bowl of glue and a bunch of cotton. Ask them to dip cotton swabs in glue and paste them on the paper cut out. This is quiet an engrossing task as children love glue!

Bookmark – the worm

Help them make a bookmark, and this surely would provide as an incentive for them to read books. Or open them at least. For this interesting activity, ask your little ones to cut out circles of foam. Keep the diameter one inch and the colors of the foam vivid. After you have adequate amount, about six to eight, circles, stick them, each one overlapping the other slightly, in a successive manner. Once that’s done, cut out two antennas made of pipe cleaners and stick them on the top most of the circles. Stick a couple of goggly eyes. Done? Tada…Here’s your lovely bookworm bookmark!

You can do practically anything and make activities out of nothing, like the Easter lamb! It’s pretty delightful to see kids work, and they find a delight in messing up the place! So be careful with that! Good luck!

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