Ideas For Preschool Graduation Ceremony

A beautiful metamorphosis of baby preschoolers to little first grade students is something worth marking with a special day! However insignificant it might seem to some people, the preschool teachers know exactly what it means when the little ones are graduating from the preschool, what it means when they step on the next stone of life namely 12 yrs of school and they understand the importance of this occasion. And that is the reason why most of them choose to hold this ‘preschool graduation ceremony’ in honor of their graduates.

This day should, quite rightfully, be made into one of those memorable days of the child’s life. Here we go with a bunch of ideas for preschool graduation to make your muddled brain feel a bit eased.

Select a location

The first and foremost thing is jotting down the potential areas for your celebration. This list may include your nursery classroom if the number of students is low or a hired auditorium if you have enough funding, or an outdoor garden event if you have appropriate weather conditions.

It is necessary to make arrangements for your ceremony well in advance to avoid embarrassment on the day of the program.

Make a plan

The faculty of the preschool should get together for a short meeting and discuss what’s best for a graduation ceremony. They should make an action plan and divide work amongst themselves and all this should be done well before the event, around two months before at least! Know what are the funds you need to request for, decide on the things you need to order like the graduation robes, etc.

Prepare and send the invites

Once the planning is over, it’s time to let the parents know about it. Inviting each one verbally would be a bit informal whereas writing out personal invitations could turn out to be pretty tiresome. So an awesome alternative for this would be asking the kids to make the invites themselves. Arrange an activity where they do this. This would be very much fun for the little ones! You can even ask the parents if they’d like to help out with the arrangements for the party like bringing in food or something.


Well, now comes DSCN0996the real question – what do we do in a graduation ceremony or rather for a graduation ceremony!?

Don’t forget the cake!!

Here’s the way to start – firstly arrange decorations for the party. Since it’s a preschool event, colorful buntings, balloons and streamers would be a hit! You can also go in to display craft items, etc that the students have made throughout the year.

Hats and gowns, a vital part of the ceremony, needs to be arranged for. The school or the parents can place the orders well before a month of the ceremony to ensure proper delivery and appropriate sizing of the robe.

Another thing that teachers need to arrange for is keepsakes and certificates. Giveaways like small toys or goodbye cards become a part worth cherishing of the child’s life. Keeping in mind the gender, a teacher can be the best chooser of the gifts her kids would love. Diplomas and certificates are another thing teachers need to concentrate upon.

The event

For this event of grandeur and nobility, you can have your little ones prepare a small show to put up. You can train them to sing a song or a dance. Even a skit would be great – if you can manage it. You can have a few games during the show that are fit for the students as well as student-parent pairs!

It’d be very nice if you have the students lined up according to their names and have them up on the stage when their names are called out to receive their certificates or ‘diplomas’, just like in a true graduation ceremony. That would surely interest the students and would make their parents proud. And this would be an activity that the students would look forward to, which automatically means total attention!


Last but not the least; a party is incomplete without yummy, tummy filling snacks. Now here’s where you can use the parents’ generous help. Ask them to arrange for soft drinks for the kids, things that they enjoy like cupcakes, etc. After all it’s their day!

In the end, give away your little keepsakes. Souvenirs are precious.

This is a kid’s event that means fun, colors and eventual success. Have the items in bursts of 5 – 10 minutes, keeping in mind their low concentration levels. To touch it all up, you are a preschool teacher – one of the most creative creatures! So think up some rocking ideas and blast the party with a sure to success attitude. A handful of awesome students and another of smashing parents are the ingredients you need to mix up with your eagerness and willingness to make the party a memorable event!

Got some other fun ideas? Leave them as comments!