Leave The Devil In Hell Where He Belongs

That’s So Jacob

Yesterday, I posted about something that I like, and today, here’s something I don’t like:

People who constantly play devil’s advocate.

I mean, what purpose does it serve? Most of the time, said person just does it to either be contrary in a situation that was perfectly fine until they opened their trap, or to get attention in a way other than throwing a temper tantrum. Sometimes we don’t want to hear your opinion. Or that of the devil. Do you really dislike us to that degree? If so, you might need to find some new friends.

Then, there’s the whole cliched phrasing of it. “Devil’s advocate?” For some reason, I think of 1970s crime dramas. You know, the kind where the men had suits with patched elbows and women wore shoulder pads. I mean, really. And why would the devil need advocating? I’d like to think he’s probably pretty…

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8 thoughts on “Leave The Devil In Hell Where He Belongs

  1. Leave the devil in hell !! May i please get to know what is it?? If its a novel… Do tell me… I am curious to buy it…!! #unknown me #buyer #treat me as an unknown…😜😜 #be free

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  2. Okie dokie aayu….!! I see….but a keen request. Please tell your fellow writer to write a book on such a pleasing title.I am looking forward towards reading that .

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