Boarding schools – Pros and Cons

The term ‘boarding schools’ refer to schools where students live along with their fellow students and teachers during school terms and that’s where the term ‘boarding’ comes in – the students are provided food and lodging in the schools itself. Many parents prefer residential schools as they privilege the child with an exceptionally well disciplined behavior, proficiency at studies, etc. Although boarding schools have their merits, like all other aspects of life, they have their demerits too. Some students thrive in boarding schools whereas others have a tough time breathing. Let’s have a detailed look into these factors.

Pros of boarding schools

Boarding schools help enhance a child’s personality and discipline. Habits like getting up early, going to bed early, eating at specific points of time, exercising, developing hygienic habits, etc. not only embed an ordered character but also keep him/her healthy, as per the medical viewpoint. Boarding schools being communities in themselves as the students live together provide the students a platform to get themselves ready for the competitive world. Of this pleasure, the conventional school students are often deprived. Development of social and communication skills is tremendous in these schools. Liberty, self – dependence, confidence, smartness – the qualities required for a successful life – are all present in a student from a boarding school. Years of living with peers does that to a youngster!
On top of this, the 24/7 availability of staff is a plus point for their academic performance. Constant guidance and an atmosphere beneficial for learning as well as amusement have proven to be a healthy choice for students over the years.

Cons of boarding schools

Not all children are made for the boarding schools. It is a rising notion amongst children academically weak that boarding schools are ‘punishment grounds’. For certain students, it’s quite true. Children feel detached from the family. Some children develop an idea that their parents ‘don’t love’ them and they are a ‘burden’ as they’re being sent away. And an inability to do well in school may cause children to develop an inferiority complex within them which can be seriously harmful for their personality development. The liberty available may cause them to go off track and indulge in bad habits like drugs and smoking.metamorphosis_by_ffnana-d582qsv
A financial drawback is another point to consider. Boarding schools are undeniably expensive. Many families manage to collect enough to send in their child to one of these but the problem start when these poor children are teased by the rich brats. This may cause inferiority complexes, which as mentioned before is harmful for a child’s personality development.

So boarding schools are an ideal option if your little one is strong enough to cope up with being away from home. If not, it can be a traumatic experience for your kid. Advantages, disadvantages – both are in equal measures. So weigh all options and take your decision with a cool and rational mind because bear in mind, you are talking about your precious one’s future!

What are your thoughts on this topic?