Magnet schools

Magnet school, true to its name, attracts bright students from all over the world or country. The term is popular in the United States. All over the world, these schools are becoming popular day by day and are known as Special Schools.

Children generally attend schools lying in their zones and regions. And magnet schools are what compel these students to join them – they attract students! It their specialized curriculum, better exposure and opportunities that make these public schools popular. Having their funding by the state, local or federal funds, these schools have a limited number of seats that have made the need of a selection procedure to be prevalent a necessity. Tests are conducted by the schools and the students scoring good marks are given the privilege of gaining an admission – that amounts to about 20% of students who apply each year.

Strict, stringent, disciplined and tougher, these schools have always attracted parents and students with their principle of equality amongst all races and castes.


Magnet schools provide a better stage for a teacher-student relation as the number of students is kept in check. More attention can be given to the evolvement of an individual. The rigorous activities initiate the child’s creativity, helping him or her become an all-rounder. The school provides for an atmosphere that promotes a greater family like bonding between the teachers and students. A sense to uphold the schools dignity and pride drives the students to give their best.


It is a general notion that these schools receive generous funding as compared to the traditional home schools (important to take note that home schools and home schooling are two different terms). Well, it is a duty of the parents to find out if these funds are used adequately. For instance they need to be sure that the school has a well equipped lab with a proficiently qualified teacher. Secondly, magnet schools selectiveness is a thing to question. To maintain their reputation, they chose a set of students that are already privileged. In the bargain, the more motivated, disadvantaged students are left behind. A good magnet school should actually select those students to whom it would do good to have an experience of such a school.

All in all, it is perceivably difficult to get enrollment in a magnet school. But if you do get into one of these wonders, it is a treat for your scholarly life. The opportunities and platforms one gets here is beyond imagination. But another point put forth by the critics is, if parents want to enroll their students here because of their good qualities, why not make all traditional public schools as competent? Now that’s a question that needs to be pondered on, right?

But till then, the fact remains that magnet schools have a class unbeatable! If you want to get into one, just make sure you make the necessary inquiries as pointed above to have an unfaltering experience.