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The power of Quantum Thinking

A teacher I had, once told us that learning History is one of the most important subjects, not because of the dates and names, but because it teaches what mistakes were made in the past and how not to repeat them again.

Although I think we all have failed on that completely because humans are repeating same mistakes over and over again all the time. So I think that we are not done learning that important skill from history yet.

One of the most impressive parts in human history, to me at least, is the rise and fall of the biggest empires all over the world.  From the Roman Empire, the Mongol Empire, The Russian empire, The British Empire and so on.

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8 thoughts on “Empires

  1. Americans have little sense of history and don’t understand the feelings of today’s countries that do. The countries that appreciate their history have common denominators of culture and a corporate identity in the present drawn from the past. American policy makers think in terms of today so don’t comprehend the thought dynamic of other cultures.

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