Dream – Be the Dreamer of YOUR dream! Let your kid live His/ Her life!

As seen nowadays, from childhood, a child is laden with dreams that are not his own but those of his parents. At every turning point, at every fork of life, he is dragged by his parents. He is led away from his talents and hobbies and told to study. At those moments, parents don’t realize that they are dragging their child away from what he is good at to something that probably is not in his capability. They don’t realize that the child feels enclosed and caged in a world that’s not his at all but the parents’. And that’s the starting point when stress starts building up in a child. A will to fly in the open skies, when suppressed frustrates him!

And when that same child reaches his teenage, he gets unruly. Just like when a caged animal is freed, he goes out of control taking undue advantage of the bit of freedom he gets. And then those parents complain that their teen is rowdy and juvenile. But you tell me now, is it right to expect a child to follow your dreams or to kill his own desires? If a child is good at painting and you force him to be a CA, what else do you expect from him but that he’d paint on his documents instead of calculating and then get kicked out of his job! Duh!cropped-download1.jpg

Parents will have to realize that by dumping the goals they’ve never achieved on their children they are spoiling their lives and are inviting delinquency in their kids, and as the saying goes, a balanced sustenance reaps the pink fruit.

So before forcing your kid to study study and study or compeling them to go in for science stream wait for a second and think if you’re actually showing him the right path or pushing him in for depression! Just befriend your kid from babyhood and instead of obliging him, discuss matters with him and mark my words- a guide is more helpful as compared to a map! So be his guide and not just a bossy old chap ordering away without troubling ‘bout his feelings.596879-6724-23

8 thoughts on “Dream – Be the Dreamer of YOUR dream! Let your kid live His/ Her life!

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  2. I had my own dreams as a child, but unfortunately they were all ‘shot down’ by my parents, with the usual “You can’t do that” or “You’ll never be able to do that”! It was all I ever heard. They didn’t put their own dreams onto me, as they ‘knew’ I would never be good enough to be like they wanted to be. They thought if they weren’t good enough, there’s no way I could ever be. I never became unruly though, as this was a long time ago. So I tried not to do that with my son. I tried to make him see the reality of his dreams, that it could be hard or difficult, or easy even, when it was! But I always supported him. I have succeeded at doing some things, but will never know whether I could have been what I really wanted to be. My son however, has tried, failed and tried again. Each time he picks himself up and carries on and I believe that’s how it should be. He will get there with work and with all the support I can give him.

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