Home Improvement – Understanding Weatherizing Home For Winter

With much of the world experiencing severe winters with snow falls, preparing yourself and your abode for the harsh climate is a necessary step. If you are fresh to this system of winterizing your home, don’t worry, I’ll help you with your dilemma.

Now as to when’s the best time to start, you must have come across the proverb by John F. Kennedy, “The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining.” So you should prepare well before the winter months. Summer, rather autumn is the best time to initialize your projects.

Winter proofing your home involves making your domicile considerably safe from the harsh elements of the dry season and helps it radiate more of heat to enable your living to be more comfortable.

Weatherizing home for winters involve many factors to be taken into consideration. Been living in the apartments all your life and new to house ownership? Here is a step by step guide to the winterization process.

A Roof saved is a Life saved!

Roof, being the most important and exposed part of your residence needs to be given the first preference. Take time to go through the obvious problems of the roof. Fix all the leaking and gutters. Make sure the sidings are firmly attached. Make sure to get in a skilled roofing man to look into the matter. If you own a chimney, get it cleaned too to make it the most efficient during the winter months.

Household repairs kept at hold!

Get on and going with all the repair projects you had pending since a while. Get all your windows and doors checked and repaired. Try sealing the concrete in your basement. In addition to door and window cover u and gaps, use door sweeps too. It keeps the cold air out effectively. Do all this much before the last minute to be on the safer side.

Sweep your stuff indoors!

It is quite harmful for your belongings if they are left out in the winter months. Stuff including wooden and plastic furniture should be hauled safely indoors. This would save a lot of your handiwork in the summer months, oiling and leveling them.

Pull your sleeves up for some Plumbing!

Drain the outdoor valves to prevent freezing and shield the pipelines that could freeze using insulation because trust me, it’s really shoddy when they burst. Remove all the exterior water tubes, turning off the main supply. You should also better get an interior shut off built.

Clear the field!

Clear off the big branches and plant life that could later fall in on your roof, causing heavy damage. Trim the trees to protect them from falling or getting damaged during heavy snowfall.

Stock up your Shelves!

Buy and keep enough of salt and thawers well in advance so you don’t have to face an emergency during the dry spell. Remember, that will be the time when most of the town/city will rush to stores and markets to acquire them, causing a shortage of the stuff. Also stock up on your food supplies, forecasting godforsaken storms and disastrous conditions. Check up on all your tools and appliances. Right from your shovels, tank heaters and furnaces to your cars should be thoroughly checked before you hit the bad weather.

Winter proofing your home is just a matter of few precautions here and there but it is a very necessary task keeping in mind the safety of all realms.

So read thoroughly and have a safe winter!

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