Types of Vinyl Sidings

Weatherproofing of homes using wooden, aluminum and fiber sidings was common. But looking into the advantages of vinyl sidings, it is given more preference nowadays. Vinyl sliding basically are of PVC or polyvinyl and are used for the exterior of a house. It is not only used for its ulterior weatherproofing but also for its decorous wood clapboard look. The main reasons why today’s builders use vinyl sidings instead of three inch thick aluminum or wooden ones is its cost-effectiveness, flexibility, strength, trouble-free installation, light credence, and numerous choice in colors. There are a number of types of vinyl sidings available in the market.

Board and Batten

Apart from being highly versatile, this type of siding imitates wood, lending the house a rustic-effect. This type of siding is alternated with narrow cedar between its wood. The variations available are D4, D5 (most common) and Dutch lap (looks like traditional Dutch wood laps). If you are in for a quaint look, then this is the one for you!


This delivers a log cabin feel minus the problem of the logs settling in. Though made of real wood, it is as easy to install as any other type. It is also the most economical of all the types.


Providing a vivid range of colors and textures, this type of vinyl can change the look of your house completely. It possesses properties like fire retardation and insect repellent.


This type can be painted according to the owner’s free will. The paint may not last as long as the one which the manufacturer applies and it also costs higher than getting it painted by the maker himself.

Solid Core

This kind of siding comprises a solid foam core. It lies flat on the wall, fitting smoothly. If you are aiming for an impact resistant type of vinyl siding, this is the one for you!

Shake and Shingle

This provides the house with a unique, singular use. It usually is aided by other siding materials.


Known for its heat reflecting abilities, it is maintenance free and much more durable than regular paint. Protecting the exterior of the house from extreme temperatures, it also saves energy bills. Eco-friendly in nature, it doesn’t radiate harmful chemical compounds, unlike the other types.

Marking the cost efficiency and durability, vinyl siding no doubt is the best choice. Hope the above giving variations are helpful to you!

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