Perfect décor for your perfect day – Graduation Party Décor ideas!

Graduation is the time of the life when we celebrate accomplishment. It is a special time in one’s life and one expects it to be the best! Creativity is a must and highly appreciated by youngsters and a will to stand out is always seen amongst the graduates. Celebration is a must! And you’re ready to throw a party? Cool…let’s check out on the graduation party decoration ideas.

To start with the décor, firstly, you’ll have to decide on the place/venue. Depending on the venue of the place, the preceding steps could be taken. For example, if the place is one with a dark hue around it, with walls colored on the darker side, the décor should be accordingly set with dim lights and an elegant touch. On the other hand, if the venue is a garden or an open field, bright balloons or streamers should be preferred.

If it’s a hot day of the year, you can go in for a water balloon throw in the garden. It’ll end up in needing little decoration.

Planning your party based on a theme is a wonderful scheme. Though the base will be graduation, you can go in for more detailed themes like the school color or the motto. It will individualize your party, throwing in more of warmth and fun.

If you are having the party indoors, you could go in for customized streamers. Though it’d take a bit of time, it’d be cool. Just blow up the pictures of your classmates from the yearbook and stick them on silver stars cut out of cardboard. Join them to make a beautiful streamer that would be perfect for the event! You can even have balloons all over the place with quotes written over. Have charts put up with quotes or memories of your school.

Make play up posters. Go in for funny posters which include your batch mates. Firstly get the individual pictures of all your classmates. Then make wanted or congratulating posters out of them. Like if someone’s known for being late to places you can write on the poster, “Wanted…for always being the last one arrive.” Or if someone’s known for cooking bad you can write, “Congratulations…for sticking to your style of cooking Mars recopies.” You can put them up on the walls all over the room. Make sure that your guests are not offended by the tags given to them, or else it could turn out real bitter.

Don’t forget the dance floor. While decorating, be sure to leave a portion of the room empty for dancing and setting up a DJ there. It keeps the party spirit up! Throw in couches and chairs around the room to sit on and organize games that go on throughout the party. Here’s a suggested game: when a guest enters you can pin a label with a teachers name behind him. The guest is allowed to ask yes or no questions to others throughout the party and guess the name by the end.

While you are at it, also keep provisions for recording the party and having snaps clicked. One of the camera creeps of your group can be given the duty or if funds allow, you can even hire a professional.

Add few touches of your own here and there to give it your color. Keep in mind the general likes and dislikes of your classmates that you know about.

In the end, the place gains its real beauty when smiling faces ready to take flight in the outer world occupy it and have fun!

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