Drama activities

Drama is a tool to explore human nature, to experience feelings indiscriminately. It is present everywhere in the society. You see a child playing house with his friend, that’s drama, you see children imitating their idol, that’s drama, and you see a person mimicking others, that’s drama!

Along with being a stress buster, it is also a great developer of personality. It is seen when drama activities are included in school curriculum, a rapid growth focus, concentration, improvement of body language, exploration of talent, ability to interact and development of confidence is inevitable.

It is now a popular method of child development to include drama activities educational intuitions. An all around development is spurted through this. If you’re thinking of helping your child with drama too, then you’d definitely need to know the best activities. Here they are:

JAM (Just a minute)

Here, the children are given individual topics and are allowed to discuss on it for some time. Then they’ve got to speak for one minute on that topic without stuttering or stammering. Yes, this is a drama activity! And quite an effective one too! You can observe development of public speaking skills, clarity of speech, language improvisation, etc.

Role Playing

It is another one of the simple activities involving drama. This can be done individually, in pairs or groups. You can tell the student to think about a person, say the president, a celebrity or something, and then enact him in front of the class fully with dialogues and everything. This results in an overall development in the thinking capabilities and he gives importance to small things.


It refers to the dumb acting of the bodies. Youngsters just love using body movements and gestures to express feelings. It is a challenge for them. You can ask the children to act out a scene without speaking a word and the others would guess what it was about.

Story telling

As the name suggests, here the children is not just supposed to narrate the story but to tell it! The child needs to include gestures and expressions into him while staging the story. Children also love to enact stories and you can ask them to do that too. Here, enacting doesn’t mean fully with costumes and lightning but just enactment using their skills.

Passing the face

Heard of passing the parcel? Well it’s similar to that! Here, you’ve got to pass expressions! Yeah, you stand in a circle and then the first person makes a face – happy or sad – to his adjacent player. Then he will turn and make a new expression to the one adjacent to him. No one is allowed to copy an expression. This seriously needs a bit racking of the brains because frankly, how many expressions do you expect someone to have?

Drama is a sheer stress buster. And these simple activities involve no memorizing of lines, just a time full of joy! So let your inner artist wake and open yourselves up to the world of drama!

9 thoughts on “Drama activities

  1. Aayusi, the passing the face is a great idea for a pantomime play acting game. Adults or kids could benefit from being able to interpret facial expressions. Hey, even human resources personnel could use a workshop on this. The other ideas were good interactions. Have a wonderful day and soon to be weekend!

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