The Captain's Speech

this is everything
from the words i’ve been trying to say
to the one’s that won’t stick together
blown away like a feather
trying to survive the stormy weather
this is for all the good for you’s
and the other compliments no one will choose
so cut out the formalities and niceties
leave the cliches at the door and march right in
let’s begin
because when the sunglasses go down
something else goes down too
it will not make a sound for you
the rear-view mirror keeps it together
don’t worry about the cheap leather
all that reflects is a glimmer of light
beaming out at the skies like we’re in mid-flight
staring through the blinds at a blurry night
when every three it comes back to me
with all four closing in for more
just waiting to drop the five and feel alive
for the song that keeps repeating

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