Greetings people !
A very cheerful good morning/evening to you all!
So its the fifth day of a completely new year. How’s  it been going ? Good?
Are you still worried about a pending emi? Or is it the next door neighbour’s dog whose constant barking makes u frown ? Oh wait …I think the sheer presence of people seems like a curse that has befallen you !
Ah are you down with a cough n cold? Sick? Heartbroken? A breakup?  Lots of homework?A broken bank account ? No job?
That’s sad!!
Quite sad!
But hey …what about Sharma uncle who lost his son yesterday …If you’re sad then he must be completely off the will to continue with life!
N think about the poor boy who died…He wasn’t able to witness this sun …He never even got the opportunity to witness his convocation!
But then he’s dead ah…you aren’t ! Your problems r bigger of course! So frown away if you want !

But yep if you r facing identity crises or numb n stuff …just remember that there’s someone out there who’s feeling worse than you are. Just smile . No not a fake one. A true one!
Cry once in a while for those who’ re dead.
Be the sun for those who are living corpses!
Make a change today.
Stay positive.
Stay blessed.
You’ll find success!

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