Caution:Exams ahead!

Greetings mates!

I’m going through THAT time of the year.

Yes it’s THAT time. The time when you know that the final exams are round the corner and you haven’t prepared a bit. The time when you feel like life’s gonna tumble and you won’t even be able to earn your bread (forget about strawberries dipped in dark chocolate)!

Anyway, what I wanted to discuss today is the study pattern of the contemporary world. Is it right? Well does it leave the child with enough to time actually “discover” stuff? I don’t know about other countries, but in India – life of a student is miserable.

To think deeper, we see that Gaglelio, Newton, Archimedes – great scientists – had never sat in their laboratories writing down gibberish on a piece of paper and making frantic calculations! No!

Galileo spent hours in a church just observing the pendulum. Newton spent time under apple tree I’m sure. And Archimedes took lazy baths.

But students today? They wake up in the morning, go to school, come back, go to coaching classes, return home and study a bit more so that their brains could go to hell and then eat a bit and go off to sleep (that’s for 4 hrs). They stink sometimes due to the lack of time (means no bath!). They are sleep and food deprived. They have no social life. And then they finally get into THE IIT ! Yay – goal achieved.

But then when they look back at their earlier years of life they see that there’s nothing – absolutely nothing – that they can laugh about or smile on.

Is this the way I am supposed to live life?

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23 thoughts on “Caution:Exams ahead!

  1. Aayusi, how right you are. I have a 16 year old, slogging for her XI exams and she is in the same boat- she does not see any fun in learning because her time schedule is very tight. But the one thing she insists on and which I inculcated in her as a child was to have an afternoon nap, after school and she does take this religiously- about 3 hours. This freshens her up for her evening studies. She was enrolled in a tuition class for about a month but she told me she couldn’t cope and so we took her out. So she has more time for self-study. She attends birthday parties of her friends and plays with her playmates in our compound for about 3 hours on Thursday evenings, so she is still in touch with her childhood.
    For me she is a child woman and I don’t want her to remain a child but if she wants to be a child for some more time, i am ok with it.
    Good luck with your exams, Aayusi.

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    • That’s great 🙂
      Firstly thank u for such a beautiful n enlightening comment!
      Till last year even I used to take an afternoon nap 😍 but this year …I get free from svhool at 2 pm and then have to go for tution at 4 . So there’s no time for a nap as the couple of hours go away in bathing and eating and travelling.
      Here ppl belive if u don’t study like crazy u can’t get into the esteemed institution of technology !
      However m glad my parents aren’t like that …n I wish everyone here was like you !
      Thank u for the wishes !
      Wish the best for you n your daughter too..!
      Ps: even I am 16 n going to appear for my 11th grade examination !


  2. Hang in there, Aayusi. I agree with the afternoon nap. Something that helps me through certain periods of my life is seeing a “light at the end of the tunnel” or in other words, keeping in mind that this won’t last forever. I do think there is such a thing as too much studying and forced learning, especially when it overshadows basic needs such as sleep and personal hygiene. I believe every stage of life should be a balance of work and play, ideally. Too bad reality doesn’t often match the ideal.

    Once my mother-in-law served as a service missionary to college students in a certain area. She was a mentor and grandma to them. One of the ways she helped during exam time was by preparing meals and snacks so the students could grab a bite to eat without thinking about it. I thought that was a helpful idea. I wish you great success with your exams.

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    • Firstly thank u for stopping by!!
      I belive in the afternoon nap funda too…but sadly I don’t have the time 😦 tution and school don’t leave me with empty afternoons! But I can proudly say I don’t compromise with my hygiene and night sleep …n maybe that’s the reason I don’t top in my class!
      N salute to your mother in law…she was a wonderful lady. If I could get someone like her in my school mess we’d be grateful to her beyond words! M not a hosteler but my friends who are need that kind of kindness!


  3. It’s no way for anyone to live, but getting an education will consume you. I’m not entirely sure anyone gets all that much out of school, except maybe the degree. That’s because the bulk of study tends to be against the clock, leaving precious little time for any of the information to really sink in. Leaving the student to cram to get it done. Education is a life long process, school and getting the degree, a formality. Hang in there, Aayusi, it will still be worth it. :O)

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  4. Aayusi,
    Can you write a post for me on ” The travails of being a 16 year old and class 11 student”
    People often write about class 10 and class 12 students, but class XI should make an interesting read.
    I will blog it for you on mine blog.

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  5. Exam oriented education system is always the nightmare for everyone, we spent our precious time (probably 10-15 years) digging into book knowledge to fulfill the expectation from our parents, peers, society, and probably ourselves..sometimes, we just feel lost and a doubt rises “what do I really gain in school?” … Thanks sharing, this article is definitely a good piece for me. I’ve also written a post about the education system in my country,


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