The suicide – A suicide!

On 8th of march, a 16 yr old boy commited suicide. For discretion, I’d refer to him as A In his note he wrote “No reason just don’t want to live”. The parents and other well wishers of A claim it’s his physics teacher’s fault. They say that the teacher forced him to take private tutions from him or else he’d fail A in the final exams. Just a day before the physics paper , A hung himself.
He’s dead now, dead and gone.
But the media and those WELL WISHERS aren’t gone. They’re still bugging the physics teacher and the school. The whole education system is being questioned.
These were facts. And now I’ll start with my point of view on this matter as a teen myself.
For those who blame the physics teacher. Darn you.  A failed throughout this academic year. Sources say he used to drink and smoke …and maybe indulged in other bad habits too.
For those who think physics was a pressure : guys you all are indirectly trying to say that the guy was too weak to handle life!!
Hundreds of students fail every year, the school doesn’t do anything to them !!
If at all he commited suicide because of studies, it was his parents fault ! They failed to provide him with support. They couldn’t make him belive that even if he failed, they’d be with him. For all we know, maybe they were the ones who pressurised him !!
To those who were outside the school shouting out slogans against the school and suggesting that “shoes should be rained ” on the school : You guys call yourselves ex students ? Heck! You don’t even deserve to be called students, you busted fickle minded rowdies ! This is what the school has taught you ? To disrespect your teachers and school ? To disrespect the temple of education ? Wow guys you all are doing good !
Won’t you all rest on peace until somebody has been blamed ? What if the guy had personal issues ? What if the guy was on drugs and in desperation (when he was deprived of it) he hung himself! What if it was love or betrayal ?
90% of those banging the doors of the school asking for justice dint even know A ! What is our society coming to ?
We are all playing a game called life and A decided to quit this game and so he did. If he had issues with somebody he would have mentioned it but since he didn’t , I’d say we shall leave it at that. The game’s on and we’re still playing it. We need to complete it instead of worrying about players who’ve left.
Blaming the education system is not the solution. Hundreds fail but they’re still alive !
And teachers ? They’re people who do their best to make our careers better …and all they receive in return is a meagre salary n such morons trying to blame them for everything. Even if that physics teacher has forced him to join his coaching (that too 4 days before the exam lol !) , he was doing it for the good of the child’s career !
To all the teachers : stop being so good , the society won’t give you anything except rude comments !
A : rest in peace chap ! I wish you wouldn’t have created such a mess after you.
I’m sorry if I just hurt anybody …and I’m sorry School on the behalf of the students who think you guys are to be blamed.
Sorry, A’s parents for you lost your lad but please don’t blame people who aren’t responsible !

25 thoughts on “The suicide – A suicide!

  1. Dear Biswas, I applaud your bravery in coming out to speak on this sensitive topic. Your points are well-taken and I understand your viewpoints. There is, in these days of instant news and instant outrage, some kind of compulsion to lash out at everything and “fix” the blame somewhere. I admit, this has been the norm in recent years, thanks to the hyperactive reportage and editorializing of news.

    However, take a step back and look at the points they have raised, whether justified or not. I do not know if DPS was at fault. I guess not. It is easy enough to be outraged by the fact that incompetent students crib about their inability to study and lay the blame on a hundred other factors other than that they did not actually try to study. I agree. But, let me also point out that this modern tendency to make papers easier for students, to spoon-feed them, to give them grace marks, to make sure that everyone is “passed” is what this has resulted in. Every person these days wants to be in IT, to be an engineer or a doctor. Whether they have the aptitude for it or not. When you are older and have children of your own, I hope you shall not share the same unreasonable angst that most parents these days seem to exhibit whether their progeny would turn out to be a “success” or not. Therefore, the system that promotes this sort of incompetency and this mad rush for professional courses is also partly to blame. The parents in this case, most certainly so, however insensitive that sounds. There used to be a joke in the old IAS cadres, that people are always promoted to their level of incompetence. This is what happens when the teachers are told not to fail anyone until they reach a wall (X or XII).

    As for the scourge of private tuitions, let me assure you that it used to be coercive – not sure if it is still the same or not. I was in the Andamans three decades ago and there was this (coincidence!) Physics teacher who said that I would never pass unless I took tuitions from him. I refused. I was probably the only fellow in the whole of Port Blair to adamantly refuse each time The result was that I was failed in the tests. But it really did not matter to me because the benchmark was the board exams and they could hardly do anything about it. My entire paternal side of the family comes from Teaching Stock, all professors, all academics and scholars. But let me assure you that not everyone is a born teacher. Should we respect people merely because they are teachers? I would advise you not to. Not just teachers. Respect people only for what they are worth. If you follow a rule blindly that says teachers are to be respected, elders are to be respected, and so on.. then you can never really be a good student, I think. First, question everything. Have a thirst for learning more. A good student requires a good teacher, just as much as a good teacher requires a good student. Those teachers who tell you not to question them are not good in my opinion. Those students who refuse to question teachers cannot be good students either, in that sense. You extract knowledge out of them, wring them dry until everything they hold within is imparted to you. I am sorry to say this, but there are very few teachers today who will permit it and even fewer students who really want to “learn” rather than study.
    I wholly agree with you about your points. But, dear girl, a little pause.. πŸ™‚ just so you can think of the parents’ grief, however misguided their attempts to lash out unreasonably or to understand the situation from their bewildered perspective. When you are a parent some day (and I do sincerely hope you will turn out to be very different from these parents) you will also probably feel the pang of disappointment when your child has a different direction to choose, one that is opposite to your own and when you would rather prefer not to have a “duffer of a child” when compared to all the others in society etc etc.. It is not the child’s fault, it is the direction we are going in.

    I am so sorry about the length of this comment. But I was a little discomforted at first. Your views make sense, but must we be cold to the notion that there might be a whole host of issues at play? I hope I do not offend you with my gentle dissent πŸ™‚

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    • M so glad you took out time to write such an enlightening comment !
      But there are a few points I should have made clearer before ! My parents too are teachers …actually my whole family is in someway or the other in this profession yours lol …! N the physics teacher in question is a person who has taught me too ! N he has been teavhing since 30 n odd yrs ! N he’s an excellent guy !! You know the school had called upon A’s parents in the month of July when he failed his quarterlies to explain that all students aren’t same n that’s the reason there are 3 diff fields to choose from. The guy of course wanted to opt for commerce whereas his parents wanted him to be an engineer.
      My own parents never forced me to take science …I’d wanted to pursue English literature n had opted for arts n my parents were ok with it ..but sadly my school closed the option for this academic year! N so I went for science …
      Even I know the difference between a teacher n a good teacher ….n I do criticise my own teachers …but I respect those who REALLY teach !
      Just because a person keeps taunting yiu to do better isn’t a reason to call him a bad teacher 😦
      The thing is that the boy didn’t commit suicide because of academic pressure n every one if his frnds know it!!! Still the ppl who have nothing to do with the case are playing havoc with the schools reputation !
      N of course m strongly against CCE n the current edu system ..t

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      • Well, that is a wonderful coincidence in more ways than one. (For example, I too wanted to take up arts and that is a whole different story… NDA etc.. but I ended up being an engineer because I had nothing else to do…).
        Yes, I understand how teachers get the blame for no fault of theirs. Also, I am sadly mistaken in the case. But imagine how awful it is that 24 students have committed suicide in the last few days. I was wondering if you were talking about the DPS case in Bhopal (which is in some ways more pertinent to your post for the idiocy of the parents involved). I now realize which case you are talking about and it is indeed sad.

        May I add something else here? Ok, two things.. both of which disturb me and possibly irk you and I am a crazy curmudgeon to say this aloud too. First, stop using the SMSese language. You are obviously a bright young lady with a far more erudite vocabulary than that. (Ok, that was uncalled for, when the world is doing it and no one really objects… still, I would love to see you forming full words which you are more than capable of. Oh joy, you also said that you wanted to pursue Arts as your field, in which case you must insist on using complete words and using it to the fullest extent of your abilities).
        Second, and this is something that has bothered me for years. Might it not be that our unforgiving attitudes towards weaker students comes from the fact that we think we are more deserving than they? Whatever their compulsions for joining the science stream, is it perhaps our arrogance and conceit that we find it easy while they do not? Bear with me here. Let me explain. For me science was a breeze. Let me also add that I was the laziest bugger to ever enter any engineering college in the world. Laidback in academia, rebellious in every other thing, more interested in everything not connected to my education .. and yet.. when the exams came, it was just too easy. I never really bothered at all. So, it is easy for me to sneer at people who struggle and work really hard and yet do not achieve anything when the results are put up. Should have sneered, but I cannot, did not. I feel sorry for them. Much as someone feels sorry for the weaker species in the “survival of the fittest” etc. But it disturbs me that both parents as well as students seem to take it as if it were a mortal sin, a grievous fault in their stars/genes/destiny and so on. Let it be. My point is, we, those arrogant savants of science and learning, treat them badly and judge them harshly. πŸ˜€ Might I add here, cheekily, empathy and sympathy are two different things. But, yes, we do treat them like cretin siblings, not worthy of our patience and understanding. Do you agree?

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      • I’m sorry about the sms language and the abbreviations haha …Sadly I’m largely dependant on the auto correct and spell suggest feature if my smartphone and then the practice of using short hand while taking notes in my classes have led to this !
        And yes, we’ve got so much in common ! I perfectly agree with the second part of your comment ! But then, no 5 fingers are the same! I’ll explain that with a simple example… We use our index finger to switch on a light bulb. We can do that with our ring finger too, but we don’t as the ring finger is not meant for that purpose!
        Same way there are many different streams in the field of education. N every student is meant to tread a different path. When the student accidentally finds himself in the wrong path, he definitely needs to apply extra energy to flourish.
        In this case, unfortunately A had landed up with physics n maths I his plate. On the 3rd of march he has his maths paper n he failed in it. He did bad in chemistry too I guess (not certain if he failed there ) . English went by fine I guess (who could fail in English though) …but he killed himself on 8th…why ? Isn’t that proof enough that afraid of failing ? Anyway …He would have passed if he would have taken the pains to study n he didn’t ! I know that positively …! I won’t speak ill of him now but he certainly nver worked enough to pass!
        The sole reason m angry is that even after all this, the whole lot of ex students who have nothing to do but sit on dharnas n do candle marches on every other occasion are blaming the school…The boy never mentioned the school and he had an active life OUT if school !
        As for the edu system …The changes were basically made because of the students commuting suicide back then !
        So quitters are gonna quit …no stopping them !

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      • Absolutely correct! And what is appalling, when the leader of the state then stands up and says that those pressurizing the students to pass, or under whose pressure suicides occur, will be treated as criminals is just making a bad situation worse.
        (The SMSese is just my pet peeve, never mind that.. do whatever is convenient πŸ˜€
        and the ring finger analogy can be challenged, but let us let it rest hehe)…


  2. True bravery. But it’s hard to agree totally because the professors today are not the same as they used to be ten years ago.
    Very honestly I Accept your views whole heartedly because whether it was the professor’s fault or the parent’s, at the end giving up is never the solution to any problem.

    May be your article will get people more courageous to accept challenges and face the life bravely because at the end, all our efforts are worth this beautiful life.

    Keep going great!

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