The past few days have been hard for a number of people down here. A charming young boy committing suicide ain’t no joke! But in the light of this incident, I learnt a lot. While doing my research and interacting with people real time, I gotta know that reality and truth isn’t always appreciated.

Anyway, keeping all that aside, I’ve got a request to all those out there reading this and trying to get to me indirectly : If you guys have got the guts, speak to me personally instead of taking the aid of people who know me! Thank you!

Now, for those who aren’t aware of my last post : A boy ‘A’ (for discretion),16, committed suicide on 8th of March without stating his reason and now the whole city thinks the education system, teachers and schools are the villains.

To those who think the above statement is true and stuff : I’d like to point out that in the past week THREE students committed suicide in our state. Two of them left notes suggesting they didn’t want to fail in their examinations. They belonged to the Hoshangabad and Sagar district respectively. But A never wrote anything on these lines in his note!

Then we come to a global level. In the past few days 24 students committed suicide (thanks Tejaswi for this piece of information). Not all of them had the same physics teacher who asked them to take tuitions.

But yet, since we probably don’t like the physics teacher we should definitely blame it on him. Just because he’s troubled us a lot by taunting us in class and stuff we MUST blame him and make it hard for him. Since we weren’t allowed to attend the annual sports day because we try to bomb the school, we should blame it on the school. Just because we aren’t selected in the annual torch light display team, we should blame it on the school. Just because we have nothing to do we should blame the education system. Right?

This is a call to those who think they know enough to start banging down doors of the temple of education demanding justice. How are you so sure that the claims made are true? In the last post somewhere I mentioned the possibility of the lad being a drug addict. I mentioned the POSSIBILITY  and those people had ants in their pants, imagine what should be the reaction of the school when the teacher is being ALLEGED of being guilty.

I don’t overrule the possibility of the teacher pressurising the student, but do you think that the boy would commit suicide just before the exam then?

And how would you explain the other kids who killed themselves?

This suicidal apocalypse has a root that must be dug into. The teachers were harsher in the 80’s still our parents respected them. Then why don’t we do so now?

It is true that exposed to the dejection caused by failure doesn’t come to a student before the 10th grade in the current pattern of education by CBSE and that is a good reason why students are committing suicide, but let’s question why in the first place did this system come into force? It was because students of middle school were committing suicide back then!

So why were THEY (the middle school kids) giving up their life? Because the parents were pressurizing them to get good grades! Ha! So it zeros up on the parents now, eh?

Now let’s relate this to the case of A. He never wanted to opt for a science stream. His parents forced him. Parents pressurized him equally. So, if the school WAS pressuring (the physics teacher to be precise) and he’s being held responsible, so the parents should be too!

Anyway, I won’t take A into consideration now as people are getting personal. But I’d like to clarify that in no way am I indifferent to his death. I lament it as much as you do. But that doesn’t mean I start burning effigies and creating unnecessary nuisance!

We are all civilised humans. We need to use our brains instead of our weapons. Rather we must  make our brains the best weapon!

And then, guys (the one’s who say the physics teacher is the only one who’s guilty), you can never corner him legally as poor A is dead and can’t testify. But do you know what you CAN do? Stop making coaching classes your second homes. You guys are promoting business by going to coaching classes. In my opinion, we must STOP taking coaching until we really need it. And even if we DO need it we should stay back and bug our own school teachers to teach us more of the subjects and clear the doubts. Coaching classes are a root to many issues.

Yes I too go to coaching classes and I won’t deny that…I’ll definitely justify myself! But we’ll get to that next time.

Stay smiling, stay civilized! Stay blessed!

Once again, Rest in peace A, you were loved and will be remembered.

PS: Sorry I never knew what to use as the title so I used this.

Love humanity !


14 thoughts on “Suiciders

  1. Aayusi, for a young girl of 16, you make many a valid points. I cannot explain why any student commits suicide, especially school students. But I think blaming teachers is totally not a good trend. Do you think we need to give full pass to all students till class 12 and then get them to be given the grades they really deserve once they reach college- then the ages of the suicides would move up into the college going age group.
    One way might be to have school counselling services and find out if students in science or commerce streams actually want to be there- perhaps they want to be dance choreographers or soap opera actors- give the students the opportunity to speak for themselves, as soon as they start the school year- maybe we can pick up more of the wavering students then !

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    • Oh yes ! I think that counselling should be made compulsary …not just for the students but also for the parents !! That’s the only solution ! N the child should be habitual of failing ryt since a small age so that he learns from his mistakes !!
      Thank u for the thoughtful comment !

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  2. It takes courage to say all that you have said. My salute and my regards… thank you for saying it all, and that too so well. My concern is about the people who were trying to “get to you”. I hope that you are safe. Take care…

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  3. First off, suicide shouldn’t be lamented or mourned. It’s the person’s own choice to end a life they never asked for and we should respect it. You want people to respect your bodily autonomy? Respect theirs.

    Second, killing yourself because of the education system is the rational thing to do. The education system is a cage, a life of only listening to a teacher reciting material, spitting them out on standardized testing and having these decide your value. There is very little time for social life, for actual learning, for being a party of a community. This education producers social retards who cannot live in the world outside, so why should they go on?

    You don’t want them to kill themselves? Educate and teach, make teenagers a part of the community. Don’t just put them in a cage and have a silly test determine their value.

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    • I agree with u to the last dot! This indeed is a well said comment !
      I wish there were ppl out there who actually thought this way! Wish the ones who determine what education should be had this mindset!
      Thank u for the thoughtful words !


  4. It’s always sad when someone commits suicide 😦 I think the truth is that there are many people to blame when this happens, not just one singular person or institution. I find this interesting because in the US, the number of anxiety cases has been rising — many of the students blame school and parents for pressuring them more. Again, I think the blame belongs on many people, perhaps including the students (in some cases).

    Thank you for sharing!

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    • Not just the US, I think the rise is seen globally ! You are brutally honest in saying that students themselves are to be blamed !! It indeed is sad.
      Thank you for the thoughtful comment and thanks for stopping by 🙂


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