GM – your views? 

Hello folks ! 

I need a small favour today!

It’s been a while since I had last posted. In this post I’ve decided to take up the topic of  – brace yourselves – genetic modification. No…I’m not a bio freak and I don’t want the people from the fashion and business worlds  to leave ! Just read through the next few lines and post a comment to get a reblog ! (Ok that was a Lil too much I agree lol !)

Genetic modification refers to altering an organisms dna. It is a way to accelerate the process of evolution for our own benefits.

Promotion of genetically modified crops is in the interest of mankind in the long run. What are your views on this? Be sure to leave your opinions !

11 thoughts on “GM – your views? 

  1. I understand both sides. I think it takes away from the miracle of childbirth and understanding that the baby is just a blessing. However, it also means that you want have health issues with your child.

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  2. I have no issue with GMO’s in plants and foods. After all humans have been genetically modifying plants for thousands of years through the selection process. I do think that food processors/suppliers should be required to label the food GMO. That way the consumer can decide for themselves.

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  3. hey! It’s been a while since I saw your posts. Hope your exams have gone well.
    Also, GM crops? BAAAAAD idea. It certainly makes the crops resistant to disturbances like insect pests and water scarcity, but you don’t want to eat something that “looks” like rice and not rice.

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    • Thanks for the comment !
      Yeah exams were ok !! Haha yeah probably you’re ryt! But well … gm rice is also true rice grains born of mother earth …just with a few human alterations to it!!


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