The Fragile Thread of Hope – A Book Review

IMG_20200211_004344_186Rating : 4/5

Set in the beautiful city of Gangtok, it is a story of death, sorrow and hope.

Soham, after losing his beloved brother and parents, is left all alone in the world. Having been betrayed in love, he has very little company left. Fiona, with memories of an alcoholic father, finds her self grieving over the death of her lover. The two meet, their fates meant to be entwined. What happens next?

Since I like tragedies ( my book recommendations reflect that), I liked the book in general. There were parts that teared me up. However, this wasn’t a sheer tragedy. The book ends on a happy note, the message sent being there’s always a ray of hope – a fragile thread of hope that can be strengthened with love and efforts.

The recurring theme of pain and happiness was threateningly close to reality. The language was simple, lucid. 300 n odd pages long, it is a book you can finish in a sitting or two.

Favorite Line : ” Truth is something which is beyond change. Everything in the world is changing – matter keeps changing state; lifestyles, communication processes change; continents have merged into each other or disappeared in the past. Thus, the world, as you see it, is a lie, an illusion. “

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