Afsane by Ameya Bondre


Book Review : 4/5

Genre : Short Stories

Afsane is collection of beautiful short stories. Each story unveils human emotions that we experience in life ( or we might) but never stop to take in. Hope, heart break, hidden meanings in deep silences, friendship, dreams and so much more are touched upon with each story.

Plot wise, it’s ‘feelings’ that the author has kept in the crux of each story. A sun ray of hope before filing for divorce, the tumult of anxiety when adopting a baby, the moroseness when attending an ex’s marriage, the effort required to move on after a partner’s death are a few of the themes the author talks about.

For me, the book was a winner. It did exactly what it set out to. Each character was well crafted, the stories were beautiful and the best part was that the book was error free. The language was beautiful. The book was merely 190 and odd pages long, but I wished it wouldn’t end so soon.

A Regular Date by far was my favourite story and I really wouldn’t want to spoil it for you. So, go ahead, pick this beauty up!

Ps : The paperback quality was amazing. Rich paper, great font. No mistakes and a meaningful cover.