The Extra in Ordinary by Ashutosh Marathe

The book is a collection of stories from lives of ordinary people that are, perhaps, way more than an ordinary story to be forgotten. In fact, one might even call them extraordinary.

I absolutely loved the writing style. It was conversational even though the stories themselves were reminiscence of the author’s life. Divided into three sections, the books makes you feel happy, serious and inspired at different points.

Now, there were things I wished I could change ( the first being a better editor because though the language was sound, there were typos that could have been avoided). But overall, it was a very beautiful piece of literature.

The book felt like a warm hug and a plate of pakoras on a rainy day. How, you may ask – but I’ve got no explanation to give. You’ve got to read the book fo understand. I often found myself sharing this super short stories with my grandpa and my parents over evening tea and they proved to be a great conversation starter with my pados wali aunty.

If you’re into short stories, this is a great book. If you’re an Indian, this is a must read for your coffee table.

Get yourself a copy now :

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