Project : Sleepless Dream

Project : Sleepless Dream is a name interesting enough to draw one’s attention, so when I got a chance to provide an honest review in exchange of an advance reading copy I couldn’t resist.

Written in the epistolary format ( I’m a sucker for those) it was a fairly short and brilliant book following Dr. Norlin and the bio weapon he was hired to make. A young researcher fresh out of college, Norlin’s diary entries are proof of the battle his conscience fought with his need to excel while the government forced him to work on a human implantable nuclear bomb.

The book reminded me of Frankenstein and that is a huge compliment, coming from me. I absolutely loved Shelley’s writing style and this read was a modern version of the dilemmas presented in Frankenstein – what is the price of creating something so brilliant, unthinkable and destructive? The philosophical questions raised presented right along with crisp scientific facts left me in awe. The wonderful footnotes ( I feel this book is meant to be read in an e-book format, ok? ) and the story within a story adding dimensions to the dystopian world made for a fantastic read.

If you’re a sci-fi fan and enjoy reading about insightful geniuses who have zero foresight, then go ahead and read this book.

It is now available on Amazon. Also, a very happy release day !

Book : Project: Sleepless Dreams by C.G. Jones
Rating : 5/5
Genre : Science Fiction
Number of Pages : 180+

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