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Today morning my mind revolved around a particular piece of news…

Delhi, the capital of India, is a highly polluted piece of land. And to control this state of pollution, Mr Arvind Kejriwal, the chief minister of Delhi, has decided to launch a new campaign. He calls it the odd-even formula. According to this campaign, on odd dates vehicles ending with an odd number will be allowed to occupy the streets and on even dates, the even numbered vehicles will come out. This – according to him – would ensure pollution control. This formula would be executed from the 1st of january (for a trial period of 15 days).

While some people think it surely will be a success, there are people who question the sanity of the man who proposed the plan! They believe that this would promote crime, engender loads of problems and so on! There are some who believe Mr Kejriwal is trying turn Delhi into an arcade game where you can built your own city and play cityville(a popular facebook game) or something!

What do you think? Your comments are essential!

Roots of Opera – Glimpse

A mesmerizing art of combining text and music in a theatrical setting is known as opera! Italian in origin, it has undergone several reforms and through several societies before westernizing in the way we know it today. The epigrammatic information given here may not swivel the intricate veins of opera but it surely covers up the main points…

Inspired by the elite circle of Florentine humanists, Jacopo Peri created Dafne – one of the earliest opera compositions to be known. Unfortunately, this orchestration consisting harpsichord, a lute, a viol, a triple flute and an arch lute is not reserved and is untraceable still. Peri’s another composition – Euridice- is alive today and is one of the most ancient compositions to be known.images (12)

It was not until 1637 that opera ventured out of the courts and amongst the common masses. It started gaining popularity and facing inevitable reforms according to different cultures and styles. But this was met by rivalry from people who thought that this reformation would cause opera to lose its originality and its classic elite purity.

In the 19th century, the bel canto movement, literally meaning beautiful singing, popularized giving rise to intricate Italian singing with requirements of high agility and pitch control. Example of this is Donizetti’s Lucia di Lammermoor.

Then, a new patriotic icon Giuseppe Verdi came along with his more direct, biblical Nabucco. One of his greatest compositions were Grand Opera, Don Carlos and Falstaff inspired from Shakespearean literature. Italian opera started popularizing on international soil after the more realistic compositions of Pietro Mascagni.

Italian opera also influenced the Germans. Though, some of them came about with native styles and original ideas. Richard Wagner, a German composer, conductor and theatre director, had to face many controversies before emerging as one of the most prominent opera composers.

Thomas Arne’s experimentation with comic opera turned into a huge success. His English-language operas and Artaxerxes earned fame during 1762. George Frideric Handel, a German followed by American Leonard Bernstein, George Gershwin and Douglas Moore were great contributors to the English opera. Beethoven and Mozart are still remarked.

Russia welcomed opera in the 1730s with Tsefal i Pokris being the first Russian opera – a seria in three acts- written by Italian Francesco Araia. Mikhail Ginka is the first Russian composer and foreigners like Domenico Cimarosa, Baldassare Galunni and others came to Russia to compose new operas.

In France, Jean-Baptiste Lully revolted against the traditional Italian opera being accepted in France establishing a separate tradition. Founder of the Academy of Music, Lully was followed by Jean-Philippe Rameau and Jacques Offenbach.

Facing these auras of times, it has westernized to a certain extent becoming popular amongst many people today. It has far reaching affects with a huge audience around the globe. Opera has developed its own style on every soil but the main theme remains the same being projection of pleasure through music and drama in an artistic way to engross the audience in a good way!

Power Lunch Etiquettes – Choosing the Right Restaurant for Business Lunch

Power lunches are one of the best ways to impress your business acquaintances into finalizing a deal. But at the same time, choosing the right restaurant which will appeal to your dealing acquaintance is a hard job. Proper power lunch etiquettes are necessary here! There are quite a number of aspects we’ve got to pay attention to before zeroing in on one restaurant or food joint.

You have to find a restaurant that will tick off all your needs and will be especially pleasing to your client because in the end your deal being successful rests, to a certain extent, on the lunch date. How pleasing you turn out be, decides your long term relations with the person.

Food Restrictions and Preferences

You should, well in advance, inquire about the person’s dietary needs and choices. If the person is a vegetarian, taking him to an American steak centre wouldn’t turn out to be fruitful in the least. Or if the person is allergic to spices, taking him to a Thai cuisine restaurant would certainly not be recommended. A situation may arise where you don’t know what your associate likes. In those cases, you should either run your guest with two to three choices and ask her which one he/she likes, or you should take him/her to a place where they provide you with a number of cuisines. This will prevent unintended humiliation.


Check on the service provided by the place you’ve decided on. Good food is a must but good service is equally important. If the service irritates the guest, your ideas of buttering him/her up would whoosh down the drain. There are restaurants which are frequented by business diners and the waiters there are well aware of when to leave the table for uninterrupted discussion and when to check on them. You can call and check if the place holds frequent business parties. If it is a known joint, you can always check the net for reviews.


It is a good idea to find out the dinning history of your guest. If the person has already been twice to the same place in recent past, it certainly won’t be as enjoyable for him/her the third time. On the other hand, a new food place would certainly lighten his spirit.

Also, it’s always a good idea to choose a local hot spot. Though a 5 star hotel mostly does the trick, there’s no compulsion you’ve got to choose that. You can very well go in for a local famous place which will acquaint your guest with the flavors of your town. If the guest is a foreigner, take him to a national place of fame, i.e., to a place where cultural specialties are served.


Last but not the least; you have to watch out for the atmosphere of the place. If you are taking your client to a usual hang out spot for teenagers, he/ she may not exactly be appreciative of your choice. The ambience provided should be powerful and impressive. A professional setting and an elite atmosphere can play an important role in deciding your business success. A quite place with subtle frill is always a top choice!

Now we come to some preferred places by food critics and bloggers in major entrepreneur cities.

New York: In this business centric city you can always opt for Cipriani Wall Street, Gotham Bar and Grill or Balthazar. You can also check out The Grill Room at the Four Seasons Restaurant.

Los Angeles: Moving on to this high tech city of wonders, you can see Spago, Pizzeria Mozza, The Grill on the Alley, or Craft Los Angeles.

Chicago: Here, you can go in for Blackbird, Keefer’s, and Sepia. Prime Steak & Stone Crab and Joe’s Seafood is also a good choice!

London: Hardwood Arms, The Hawksmoor, The Ledbury, or Corrigan’s Mayfair are one of the hits!

If you are dealing with a vegetarian, the extra pointer may help that ethnic places like Chinese, Italian and Mexican eat outs are preferred.

Have an awesome day! Stay blessed! Happy blogging ! 😀

Types of Comedy

There are many types and forms of comedy that we come across every day. Right from Mr. Bean, to the Scary movie, everything has a different name. Here we’ll have a look at various types of comedies we come across in our daily and reel lives and experiences:

  1. Anecdotal: This type of comedy is purely based on incidences of real life. It generally is a narration of a funny incident or scene that took place rather than jokes and the teller has witnessed it himself.
  2. Off color comedy/blue comedy: Also known as risqué, it is a very harsh form of comedy involving basically sexual jokes or jokes based on racism and other murk of the society. Martin Lawrence is a notable comedian of this genre.
  3. Burlesque: This type of comedy involves ridiculing a character of real life or to make a topic loose its seriousness so that it turns out to be hilarious! This is demonstrated by movies like Vampire’s suck and The Scary Movie.
  4. Black Humor: It usually turns into a horror piece as it includes spoofy topics like death, marital affairs, rape, war, etc. Movies like The Chaser’s War on Everything are a display of this type. Inviting a pessimist reaction this deals with harsh and depressing humor.
  5. Dry Comedy: It refers to the narration of jokes in a subtle way. The comedian doesn’t change his facial expression throughout the thing which sometimes is funny in itself! Bill Murray is known to portray this style of comedy.
  6. Catch Tale: It generally starts with a story that seems very serious and creates a sense of inquisitiveness amongst the listeners but then turns of abruptly into a highly comical idiotic ending putting the audience off.
  7. Parody: This kind of humor does nothing but represents an author or musicians work in a style that’s purely humorous. A minor change to the work that brings a mocking element to it is what is called Parody.
  8. Sitcom: This kind of comedy goes along a pre decided script to end up the way we want. Television serials are the perfect example here like Mellissa and Joey and The Modern Family. If this is performed live, the name allotted to the type will be sketch.
  9. Satirical: This form of comedy mocks the human weaknesses in a way that tingles our humor element.
  10. Nonsensism: This kind of comedy refers to combination of things that make least sense. This has two sub divisions namely, epigrammatic – humor consisting smart idioms and sayings, displayed by Oscar Wilde- and wisecrack- this is generally passed on a person or character again, making no sense at all!
  11. Farcical: As the word suggests, they are too ridiculous to be true. They are a cruel exaggeration of events. You can see the perfect examples in movies role played by the Marx brothers.
  12. Recovery: This is the witty wacky kind of comedy where the comedian states a situation or statement which contains an error and immediately corrects it. This makes the audience see how ironical a situation can turn into. These hilarious retorts are also termed as “repartee”. It is a very common feature of comedy nowadays.
  13. Seriocomedy: These are serious plays, acts or movies where there are occasional pop ups of a comical element. It may be depicted with a character who’s funny or through sudden up comings of scenes and instances that cite laughter. Throw Mama from the train and the Bucket of Crystals are examples of this.
  14. Blend words: Sometimes comedians blend two words to make the product sound hilarious. Here blending occurs as in breakfast + lunch = brunch. If the comedian is innovative enough, he can conjure up some blends to keep the audience entertained.
  15. Blunder: This kind of comedy is where the actor proves himself to be a complete stupid. He pulls up stunts like getting himself hit and falling into trouble. Such “inviting the angry bull” scenarios are sometimes enough to generate a round applause. It’s actually the absurdity of the comedian digging a pit for himself that makes it funny!
  16. Prop Comedy: This is one very constructive and imaginative way of humor. Here, everyday articles like jackets or hats could be brought to use to make the audience erupt with laughter. Common practices of this were displayed by Bob Nelson and Carrot top.
  17. Banter: In social gatherings, when old times are remembered and laughed on, it is known as Bantering. It’s a natural form of comedy where acquaintances and family members comment upon the old times, sometimes on your stupidity or sometimes on a hilarious event that took place. Refreshing of old memories in the main idea here!
  18. Juvenile/ sophomoric: As the name suggests, this kind of humor involves name calling and such childish pranks. Such tricks when performed efficiently by adults create a funny atmosphere. But if put on improperly, it may let loose vibes of idiocy which disappoints the audience.

19. Stand up: Standup comedy is a type of comedy where the comedian performs live for an audience. The comedian may use one or many of the above mentioned types here.

Perfect décor for your perfect day – Graduation Party Décor ideas!

Graduation is the time of the life when we celebrate accomplishment. It is a special time in one’s life and one expects it to be the best! Creativity is a must and highly appreciated by youngsters and a will to stand out is always seen amongst the graduates. Celebration is a must! And you’re ready to throw a party? Cool…let’s check out on the graduation party decoration ideas.

To start with the décor, firstly, you’ll have to decide on the place/venue. Depending on the venue of the place, the preceding steps could be taken. For example, if the place is one with a dark hue around it, with walls colored on the darker side, the décor should be accordingly set with dim lights and an elegant touch. On the other hand, if the venue is a garden or an open field, bright balloons or streamers should be preferred.

If it’s a hot day of the year, you can go in for a water balloon throw in the garden. It’ll end up in needing little decoration.

Planning your party based on a theme is a wonderful scheme. Though the base will be graduation, you can go in for more detailed themes like the school color or the motto. It will individualize your party, throwing in more of warmth and fun.

If you are having the party indoors, you could go in for customized streamers. Though it’d take a bit of time, it’d be cool. Just blow up the pictures of your classmates from the yearbook and stick them on silver stars cut out of cardboard. Join them to make a beautiful streamer that would be perfect for the event! You can even have balloons all over the place with quotes written over. Have charts put up with quotes or memories of your school.

Make play up posters. Go in for funny posters which include your batch mates. Firstly get the individual pictures of all your classmates. Then make wanted or congratulating posters out of them. Like if someone’s known for being late to places you can write on the poster, “Wanted…for always being the last one arrive.” Or if someone’s known for cooking bad you can write, “Congratulations…for sticking to your style of cooking Mars recopies.” You can put them up on the walls all over the room. Make sure that your guests are not offended by the tags given to them, or else it could turn out real bitter.

Don’t forget the dance floor. While decorating, be sure to leave a portion of the room empty for dancing and setting up a DJ there. It keeps the party spirit up! Throw in couches and chairs around the room to sit on and organize games that go on throughout the party. Here’s a suggested game: when a guest enters you can pin a label with a teachers name behind him. The guest is allowed to ask yes or no questions to others throughout the party and guess the name by the end.

While you are at it, also keep provisions for recording the party and having snaps clicked. One of the camera creeps of your group can be given the duty or if funds allow, you can even hire a professional.

Add few touches of your own here and there to give it your color. Keep in mind the general likes and dislikes of your classmates that you know about.

In the end, the place gains its real beauty when smiling faces ready to take flight in the outer world occupy it and have fun!

Types of sidings

Siding is a decorous way of presenting your home and making it attractive and appealing. It is becoming increasingly popular amongst home owners. There is a variety of types of sidings to choose from. Some of the common and popular ones are discussed here for you to refer to.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is basically a PVC or polyvinyl product. Recently, it is found to be the most popular siding used by individual families, previously it was despised, though. Due to its low resistance it was not preferred. But due to its technical advancement, the last decade has seen a refined product. This type of siding imitates wood, slate, stone and brick. It is now an improved and weather improvised product.

It is durable, easily accessible and quite cheap compared to other sidings. Most of the brands also give a lifetime warranty. It is also eco-friendly as it is usually produced through re-cycling processes. But it has its disadvantages too like it cannot be painted and the styles available are not many in number. It is also flammable and release toxins when burned.  To get it clean, you need to wash it once a year with soap and water; high-pressure washing is discouraged, though.
Insulated Siding

Insulated siding is a branch of vinyl siding itself with the addition of insulation. The difference is just that the insulation is in conjunction with the inside of the siding. There is another variation of this found in which the insulation are left unbounded. The foam core insulation is cut to be the size of the siding. The most common insulating material used in Expanded polystyrene (EPS).
Insulated sliding is known significantly for its capability to counteract the thermal bridging effect in homes. On one hand insulates siding is known for its ability to flatter the conventional siding, making it effective on irregular walls, for reducing noise and for reducing the amount of heat lost or gained from the house, on the other, its costs are considered to be higher than vinyl sidings. The cleansing method is same as the vinyl side and is totally a “green” product.

Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber cement siding, made out of wood fibers and sand-cement mixture, is thicker compared to vinyl, having an ability to withstand extreme weather conditions. It is very rigid and doesn’t go through expansion and contraction at the same rate, unlike wood and vinyl. Most fiber brands can be repainted, allowing amendments to the house easy in future.
These are very durable, excel in quality, have long warranties and are attractive. It is also termite repellent, is water proof, incombustible, holds paint well and has a variety of selections. Though the installation is complicated and quite costly, it is maintenance free if repairs are made after every 15 to 20 years. It contains 10-20 percent recycled materials.

Engineered Wood Siding

This is the latest style of siding produced by combining wooden leftovers like saw dust and wood shavings with bonding agents. This leads to a hybrid variety containing the aesthetic features of wood but much stronger in resistance.
This type of wood can be factory painted and needs the painting every 5 to 10 years. Developers hope to see this product rising among consumers in the coming years.
This is light, easy to install and more resistant due to infused resins. Though this product can create moisture related problems if not installed properly, it is made out of products like recycled wood. The cleaning of it involves painting for weatherproofing, pre treatment with bleach or vinegar and washing with mild detergent and sand.

Before taking your final decision, reader are advised to weigh all the options and choose according to their needs.

Types of Vinyl Sidings

Weatherproofing of homes using wooden, aluminum and fiber sidings was common. But looking into the advantages of vinyl sidings, it is given more preference nowadays. Vinyl sliding basically are of PVC or polyvinyl and are used for the exterior of a house. It is not only used for its ulterior weatherproofing but also for its decorous wood clapboard look. The main reasons why today’s builders use vinyl sidings instead of three inch thick aluminum or wooden ones is its cost-effectiveness, flexibility, strength, trouble-free installation, light credence, and numerous choice in colors. There are a number of types of vinyl sidings available in the market.

Board and Batten

Apart from being highly versatile, this type of siding imitates wood, lending the house a rustic-effect. This type of siding is alternated with narrow cedar between its wood. The variations available are D4, D5 (most common) and Dutch lap (looks like traditional Dutch wood laps). If you are in for a quaint look, then this is the one for you!


This delivers a log cabin feel minus the problem of the logs settling in. Though made of real wood, it is as easy to install as any other type. It is also the most economical of all the types.


Providing a vivid range of colors and textures, this type of vinyl can change the look of your house completely. It possesses properties like fire retardation and insect repellent.


This type can be painted according to the owner’s free will. The paint may not last as long as the one which the manufacturer applies and it also costs higher than getting it painted by the maker himself.

Solid Core

This kind of siding comprises a solid foam core. It lies flat on the wall, fitting smoothly. If you are aiming for an impact resistant type of vinyl siding, this is the one for you!

Shake and Shingle

This provides the house with a unique, singular use. It usually is aided by other siding materials.


Known for its heat reflecting abilities, it is maintenance free and much more durable than regular paint. Protecting the exterior of the house from extreme temperatures, it also saves energy bills. Eco-friendly in nature, it doesn’t radiate harmful chemical compounds, unlike the other types.

Marking the cost efficiency and durability, vinyl siding no doubt is the best choice. Hope the above giving variations are helpful to you!

Home Improvement – Understanding Weatherizing Home For Winter

With much of the world experiencing severe winters with snow falls, preparing yourself and your abode for the harsh climate is a necessary step. If you are fresh to this system of winterizing your home, don’t worry, I’ll help you with your dilemma.

Now as to when’s the best time to start, you must have come across the proverb by John F. Kennedy, “The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining.” So you should prepare well before the winter months. Summer, rather autumn is the best time to initialize your projects.

Winter proofing your home involves making your domicile considerably safe from the harsh elements of the dry season and helps it radiate more of heat to enable your living to be more comfortable.

Weatherizing home for winters involve many factors to be taken into consideration. Been living in the apartments all your life and new to house ownership? Here is a step by step guide to the winterization process.

A Roof saved is a Life saved!

Roof, being the most important and exposed part of your residence needs to be given the first preference. Take time to go through the obvious problems of the roof. Fix all the leaking and gutters. Make sure the sidings are firmly attached. Make sure to get in a skilled roofing man to look into the matter. If you own a chimney, get it cleaned too to make it the most efficient during the winter months.

Household repairs kept at hold!

Get on and going with all the repair projects you had pending since a while. Get all your windows and doors checked and repaired. Try sealing the concrete in your basement. In addition to door and window cover u and gaps, use door sweeps too. It keeps the cold air out effectively. Do all this much before the last minute to be on the safer side.

Sweep your stuff indoors!

It is quite harmful for your belongings if they are left out in the winter months. Stuff including wooden and plastic furniture should be hauled safely indoors. This would save a lot of your handiwork in the summer months, oiling and leveling them.

Pull your sleeves up for some Plumbing!

Drain the outdoor valves to prevent freezing and shield the pipelines that could freeze using insulation because trust me, it’s really shoddy when they burst. Remove all the exterior water tubes, turning off the main supply. You should also better get an interior shut off built.

Clear the field!

Clear off the big branches and plant life that could later fall in on your roof, causing heavy damage. Trim the trees to protect them from falling or getting damaged during heavy snowfall.

Stock up your Shelves!

Buy and keep enough of salt and thawers well in advance so you don’t have to face an emergency during the dry spell. Remember, that will be the time when most of the town/city will rush to stores and markets to acquire them, causing a shortage of the stuff. Also stock up on your food supplies, forecasting godforsaken storms and disastrous conditions. Check up on all your tools and appliances. Right from your shovels, tank heaters and furnaces to your cars should be thoroughly checked before you hit the bad weather.

Winter proofing your home is just a matter of few precautions here and there but it is a very necessary task keeping in mind the safety of all realms.

So read thoroughly and have a safe winter!

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This week was the Dusshera week in India ! It’s Durga Pujo for my fellow bengali’s, navratra for other Hindus and plain dusshera for Punjabi’s. It is a festival that symbolises the victory of goodness over evil! It has a number of stories relating to the Hindu Mythology – one of them being the defeat of Ravana by our Lord Ram. (I’ll get back to that later!)


So, this is THE MAIN FESTIVAL in our com munity and seriously, this is the week that goes off in a blur of motion!!

A very happy dusshera to all 🙂

The second thing I’d like to talk about is …. Vaibhav Mukim – an excellent author – and his lastest book  GUNSHOT VICTIMS UNITS.

I was sooo lucky to recieve a free signed copy of this awesome book!

No, I won’t reveal the story but you’ve gotta read it on your own! It’s thought provoking, the action is breathtaking that flips the page on it’s own 😀image

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American Flag – History And Symbolism

American flags are spotted on various private buildings, seen on cars, worn as badges, displayed on residences etc. all over the USA. The red and white striped piece with a blue field of stars is valued to be much more than a simple flag. After the September 11 terrorist attack, it is pure show of patriotism, commitment and support on the government as well as citizens’ part. It is the depiction of the culture and liberty of the strongest nation of the world, a depiction of hearts beating in the strongest realm on the globe. In the 200 years of its existence, the American flag has gone through various changes before becoming what it is today.


The earliest flag to be recorded is the ‘Gadsden Flag’ or ‘rattlesnake’. Introduced in 1775, it had the impression of a rattlesnake with 13 rattles, all ready to attack.

January 1st, 1776 was the day when George Washington hoisted the first flag ever known as the ‘Grand Union Flag’. To look at, it had thirteen alternate stripes of red and white along with the British Union Jack in the upper left-hand corner.

In the month of May, Betsy Ross was reported to have sewn the first ever American flag in 1776. But according to the historians, Francis Hopkins, a member of the Continental Congress was the man to have designed the first flag.

The Flag act was passed on June 14, 1777 by the US Congress that stated the flag be made of thirteen stripes of alternating red and white and the union be of thirteen white stars on a blue field, representing a new constellation, or so is said.

Between 1777 and 1960, various changes were instilled on the flag to accommodate more stars depicting the new states and changes of the like. As on January 13, 1794, the flag consisted of 15 stars and 15 stripes after the addition of Vermont and Kentucky. On April 4, 1888 President Monroe signed the act for cutting down the number of stripes to thirteen. Changes kept taking place till 1960, until Hawaii was added to the American colonies as well as the number of stars to complete half a century.


The American flag is considered to be the most respected and acknowledged symbol in whole of America. It is not uncommon to find these on government buildings, private residences and on car windows as label motifs. Patriots have a strong belief that this Old Glory is a symbol of the USA’s constitutional government, individual autonomy as introduced in the Declaration of Independence and a citizen’s rights as per the ‘Bill of Rights’.

The stripes are known as the rays of sunshine and stars refer to heavens.

At the present date, the flag consists of seven red stripes, showing valor and hardiness, alternating six white ones showing purity and innocence. They represent the thirteen original colonies of America. The fifty stars represent the colonies of America on a blue field of justice, perseverance and vigilance.

A thing to note would be the fact that there is no legal definition of the American flag and its colors.

The Flag Code

Here are a few points that would help you show more respect to the flag while hoisting it the next time.

It is mandatory that the flag be hoisted from sunrise to sunset and after the sunset it should either be removed or be lighted sufficiently and prevent from letting it flap in the dark.

Unless the flag is at half staff, the blue union should be at the peak of the staff being projected from the balcony or window sill of a house. If the flag is suspended in over the middle of the street, it should be placed vertically with the union facing north on an east to west street and east on a north and south street. A staff less flag should be flat and the union should be on the left side of the observer and on the topmost corner.

There are many, many more rules to be followed. If you wish you may go on a detailed trip on Google to find history of the flag code and the whole of the codes.

And yeah, one needs to be a bit more careful and buy the flags of true American nationality that depict the blood and sweat of true Americans and not flimsy ‘Made in China’ stuff that, as some put it, ‘is enough to make Betsy Ross turn in her grave’.

The American flag sings out the song of glory and sets an example for all the nations worldwide. A fervent feeling is centered in the intellect when the community sees it. A feeling of pride on being American envelopes Americans when this historic emblem is sighted and why shouldn’t it?