Kintsugi by Anukriti Upadhyay

I had finished reading it a few days ago but I couldn’t bring myself to write a just review!⠀

What is Kintsugi?
Kintsugi, the art of mending broken pottery with gold and other precious metals. It is a reminder to the world that ‘broken things are beautiful too’. And this book is a personification ( or bookification) of this very word. ⠀

The Story

Haruko, Leela, Meena, Hajime, Prakash, Yuri- all starkly different characters. Some never met each other and yet impact each other’s lives in multiple ways. ⠀

Set partly in Jaipur, partly in Japan, the book takes us through the lives of the aforementioned characters. They’re broken, devastated, shunned by life and yet they grow. Some heal and make life prettier, some decide to stoop lower. And each action is a lesson for the reader.⠀

Takeaways and opinions

The book was definitely more ‘character-driven’ than it was plot driven, and I love that! Conservative barriers were talked about in depth. Girls not being allowed to undertake the family trade, marriages being arranged between mere babies, exploring one’s sexuality are all topics spoken about in a beautiful way.⠀

The women and men were extremely well written, the customs and mindsets of the characters portrayed justly in every action and word of theirs. It wasn’t a mere coincidence that Leela’s mother was never named while Prakash’s response to Haruko was an ingrained Prejudice of sorts ( you’d know what I mean if you’ve read the book).

The author moulded a perfect story around strong characters, mending their lives with gold, holding them up to make the story worth telling and re-telling. The book was perfect.⠀

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The Fragile Thread of Hope – A Book Review

IMG_20200211_004344_186Rating : 4/5

Set in the beautiful city of Gangtok, it is a story of death, sorrow and hope.

Soham, after losing his beloved brother and parents, is left all alone in the world. Having been betrayed in love, he has very little company left. Fiona, with memories of an alcoholic father, finds her self grieving over the death of her lover. The two meet, their fates meant to be entwined. What happens next?

Since I like tragedies ( my book recommendations reflect that), I liked the book in general. There were parts that teared me up. However, this wasn’t a sheer tragedy. The book ends on a happy note, the message sent being there’s always a ray of hope – a fragile thread of hope that can be strengthened with love and efforts.

The recurring theme of pain and happiness was threateningly close to reality. The language was simple, lucid. 300 n odd pages long, it is a book you can finish in a sitting or two.

Favorite Line : ” Truth is something which is beyond change. Everything in the world is changing – matter keeps changing state; lifestyles, communication processes change; continents have merged into each other or disappeared in the past. Thus, the world, as you see it, is a lie, an illusion. “


Dreams changed.
Now all she craved for was to be something more than a second option.
Something more than friends with benefits
Something more than an infatuation to him
Something more than a tag along
Something special, something important, something he needed.

However it was impossible and she knew it.
With time, she was sure she would learn to live with the grief.
An unwanted, filthy, brainless girl may turn into a young woman much desired.
And with those hopes, she let a smile play upon her pale lips.
She held her head high, her smile constant, her confidence unwavering and her performances the best.

She dance.
Danced for her life.
Danced till her feet had bruised.
Danced till she couldn’t anymore.
Danced till her breathe left.



Changes are a part of life, so much so that now we’ve stopped feeling it.

Every hour, every minute, every second, our life is changing in a seemingly insignificant way. However, we notice the changes only when they are big enough to be felt by our physical selves. We notice, we react, we comprehend – until it all goes back to being nothing, to being an insignificant activity.

They say you don’t know the worth of the things bestowed upon you…until you lose them. True to the last essence of the sentence, eh

Take this moment to appreciate all that you have, even if it’s just a dry piece of bread. Appreciate and acknowledge the presence of mankind. Embrace the changes. And don’t worry, all the hurt, the pain will end. It will all be alright. Soon. Period


Howdy folks!

It’s been so long since I’ve last been here, I feel I’ve almost forgotten how to write!

Well, this post is going to be a rant, I forewarn you.

The past two years have been full of victories and downfalls for me. Filled with eye- opening experiences, they held some of the most important lessons and some of the most grief-stricken failures. As I walk towards finishing the eighteenth year of my life, I look back to summarize the most essential things I’ve learnt so far.

I’ve learnt to love in a selfless fashion. Love is the most powerful weapon one can possess because it’s proof of a complete soul, a soul so powerful that the might of it can uproot many tyrannies.

Love or else they’ll subdue you.

I’ve learnt to think. To think is a power few possess; it is what that sets us apart from other creations of god almighty.

Think or else you might never escape.

I’ve learnt to have faith. It gives me the strength to wake up every morning and coax myself to go on and fight the everyday battles and play the game called life.

Have faith or you will give up before you learn to live.

I’ve learnt to express freely. It gave courage to those around me and helped stop evil at instances more than one.

Express, or else you’ll be alone.

I’ve learnt that no matter what, you are the only one playing at your side. No one else will stick along . They will blame you, will play with you until you are broken.

Trust nobody with your life, or else they’ll crush you.

Keep in mind, there are supporters but they may betray you. Never regret, never look back. Just walk with a high held head and chuck out the negativities.

Stay positive.

Stay blessed.

Snail Mail <3

Hello everydbody!
I’ve been off the blogosphere lately (courtsey my last year of school). I’m sorry for that but hey, I’m back!
A huge shout out to Jacob (from That’s So Jacob) who actually pulled me back here.

A week ago I had revieved a Snail Mail by Jacob Hellman (hope you checked out his awesome blog!)

This was the first time I had ever recieved a snail mail (weird ?) and that too from over the seas! I was overwhelmed – that’d be an understatement! The sheer excitement to open it and read the hand written content, the transference of ideas through the scent of fresh paper, the eagerness to get down to writing the reply – it was all a first time experince for me! And I loved it.  (I’d thought of posting a picture but then I’m not confident about making the contents public haha!)

I guess it’ll take some time for me to get back to my normal mode of writing …but Mr Hellman, you sure made my day!

I’ll be back to writing my original kinda posts soon! Stay tuned!

Happy Birthday to Being Me

It’s 8th of April today! 4 days before my birthday. It’s my Blog’s birthday!!! Yay!

Blogging had been an impulsive decision on my part and I’m so glad that I chose to have a blog because writing here, making friends, doing tasks related to blogging have been one of the best experiences of my life.

This escape from reality to a little world of my own has been a blissful blessing and I thank each and every one of you out there who made this place heaven for me. My followers, blog mates, friends, acquaintances – each and every one of you who ever visited my blog, left comments (good or bad) and gave this blog a life  – thank you!
Stay blessed.
Stay tuned.
Keep smiling 🙂


Food for thought eh!

By the Mighty Mumford


(Ephesians 4: 3-6)

Lumpers and splitters in Christ,

Each think their own will suffice…

Lumpers welcome all

Loving any called,

Living out the mercies of His sacrifice.

Splitters keep doctrines close,

If someone “don’t” agree they’ll roast…

In purity

Their surity

Of  believing the right stuff, their boast.

It’s hard for anyone who sees,

We really need both of these…

Doctrine inside

In our own group abides,

But outside trumpet His Love and Mercies!

–Jonathan Caswell

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