She pulled the knife from her chest and smiled, “Was that supposed to hurt?” Every person in the room gasped as she stood there, the bloody knife in her hand, completely unaffected, her smile broadening by the second. It took two minutes for her to realize what had happened. An agonizing sting ran down her body, a sting called regret? With a frown, her fingers wandered to her chest, her eyes focused on the pool of blood at her feet. Her body felt weak. She fell on her knees, her legs unable to handle her weight. What did she just do? Slowly, she closed her eyes, only to open them again with a jolt.

This time, with a jerk of her head she pointed at her now dead daughter and said, “Another bitch down.”


Types of Comedy

There are many types and forms of comedy that we come across every day. Right from Mr. Bean, to the Scary movie, everything has a different name. Here we’ll have a look at various types of comedies we come across in our daily and reel lives and experiences:

  1. Anecdotal: This type of comedy is purely based on incidences of real life. It generally is a narration of a funny incident or scene that took place rather than jokes and the teller has witnessed it himself.
  2. Off color comedy/blue comedy: Also known as risqué, it is a very harsh form of comedy involving basically sexual jokes or jokes based on racism and other murk of the society. Martin Lawrence is a notable comedian of this genre.
  3. Burlesque: This type of comedy involves ridiculing a character of real life or to make a topic loose its seriousness so that it turns out to be hilarious! This is demonstrated by movies like Vampire’s suck and The Scary Movie.
  4. Black Humor: It usually turns into a horror piece as it includes spoofy topics like death, marital affairs, rape, war, etc. Movies like The Chaser’s War on Everything are a display of this type. Inviting a pessimist reaction this deals with harsh and depressing humor.
  5. Dry Comedy: It refers to the narration of jokes in a subtle way. The comedian doesn’t change his facial expression throughout the thing which sometimes is funny in itself! Bill Murray is known to portray this style of comedy.
  6. Catch Tale: It generally starts with a story that seems very serious and creates a sense of inquisitiveness amongst the listeners but then turns of abruptly into a highly comical idiotic ending putting the audience off.
  7. Parody: This kind of humor does nothing but represents an author or musicians work in a style that’s purely humorous. A minor change to the work that brings a mocking element to it is what is called Parody.
  8. Sitcom: This kind of comedy goes along a pre decided script to end up the way we want. Television serials are the perfect example here like Mellissa and Joey and The Modern Family. If this is performed live, the name allotted to the type will be sketch.
  9. Satirical: This form of comedy mocks the human weaknesses in a way that tingles our humor element.
  10. Nonsensism: This kind of comedy refers to combination of things that make least sense. This has two sub divisions namely, epigrammatic – humor consisting smart idioms and sayings, displayed by Oscar Wilde- and wisecrack- this is generally passed on a person or character again, making no sense at all!
  11. Farcical: As the word suggests, they are too ridiculous to be true. They are a cruel exaggeration of events. You can see the perfect examples in movies role played by the Marx brothers.
  12. Recovery: This is the witty wacky kind of comedy where the comedian states a situation or statement which contains an error and immediately corrects it. This makes the audience see how ironical a situation can turn into. These hilarious retorts are also termed as “repartee”. It is a very common feature of comedy nowadays.
  13. Seriocomedy: These are serious plays, acts or movies where there are occasional pop ups of a comical element. It may be depicted with a character who’s funny or through sudden up comings of scenes and instances that cite laughter. Throw Mama from the train and the Bucket of Crystals are examples of this.
  14. Blend words: Sometimes comedians blend two words to make the product sound hilarious. Here blending occurs as in breakfast + lunch = brunch. If the comedian is innovative enough, he can conjure up some blends to keep the audience entertained.
  15. Blunder: This kind of comedy is where the actor proves himself to be a complete stupid. He pulls up stunts like getting himself hit and falling into trouble. Such “inviting the angry bull” scenarios are sometimes enough to generate a round applause. It’s actually the absurdity of the comedian digging a pit for himself that makes it funny!
  16. Prop Comedy: This is one very constructive and imaginative way of humor. Here, everyday articles like jackets or hats could be brought to use to make the audience erupt with laughter. Common practices of this were displayed by Bob Nelson and Carrot top.
  17. Banter: In social gatherings, when old times are remembered and laughed on, it is known as Bantering. It’s a natural form of comedy where acquaintances and family members comment upon the old times, sometimes on your stupidity or sometimes on a hilarious event that took place. Refreshing of old memories in the main idea here!
  18. Juvenile/ sophomoric: As the name suggests, this kind of humor involves name calling and such childish pranks. Such tricks when performed efficiently by adults create a funny atmosphere. But if put on improperly, it may let loose vibes of idiocy which disappoints the audience.

19. Stand up: Standup comedy is a type of comedy where the comedian performs live for an audience. The comedian may use one or many of the above mentioned types here.