She pulled the knife from her chest and smiled, “Was that supposed to hurt?” Every person in the room gasped as she stood there, the bloody knife in her hand, completely unaffected, her smile broadening by the second. It took two minutes for her to realize what had happened. An agonizing sting ran down her body, a sting called regret? With a frown, her fingers wandered to her chest, her eyes focused on the pool of blood at her feet. Her body felt weak. She fell on her knees, her legs unable to handle her weight. What did she just do? Slowly, she closed her eyes, only to open them again with a jolt.

This time, with a jerk of her head she pointed at her now dead daughter and said, “Another bitch down.”



Greetings people !
A very cheerful good morning/evening to you all!
So its the fifth day of a completely new year. How’s  it been going ? Good?
Are you still worried about a pending emi? Or is it the next door neighbour’s dog whose constant barking makes u frown ? Oh wait …I think the sheer presence of people seems like a curse that has befallen you !
Ah are you down with a cough n cold? Sick? Heartbroken? A breakup?  Lots of homework?A broken bank account ? No job?
That’s sad!!
Quite sad!
But hey …what about Sharma uncle who lost his son yesterday …If you’re sad then he must be completely off the will to continue with life!
N think about the poor boy who died…He wasn’t able to witness this sun …He never even got the opportunity to witness his convocation!
But then he’s dead ah…you aren’t ! Your problems r bigger of course! So frown away if you want !

But yep if you r facing identity crises or numb n stuff …just remember that there’s someone out there who’s feeling worse than you are. Just smile . No not a fake one. A true one!
Cry once in a while for those who’ re dead.
Be the sun for those who are living corpses!
Make a change today.
Stay positive.
Stay blessed.
You’ll find success!