Homeschooling Basics – How Do You Start Homeschooling Your Child?

Homeschooling is a rapidly rising form of education, especially in the US. Right from various safety benefits, less exposure to alcohol, drugs and bad company, emotional benefits like less exposure to name calling and bullying, less exposure to sexual pressure, to great family bonding and an environment appropriate for spirituality, homeschooling seems an attractive option to parents.


If you are wondering whether you can home school your child or not, the answer is yes you definitely can if you are devoted to his career, ready to let go yours (not fully of course) and be a committed and involved parent.

Once you are convinced that home schooling is the thing for you and your kid, you need to do some serious planning and budgeting. Getting ready your environment isn’t half as hard as important it is! So here are a few tips that will ensure your success!

#1 Check on the Legality

Though homeschooling is perfectly legal, the rules and regulations vary greatly from state to state. Some of these might not even require you to inform the concerned authorities about it, whereas some are so strict that they need the evaluation report of the kid per month. Some of the strict states even code it that the syllabus and curriculum need approval by the state. So its mandatory for you to check on these rules and regulations followed in your state.

#2 Locating a Support Group

Support groups are organizations that are set up to offer guidance, encouragement, help with choosing curriculum and schedule keeping. Joining one of these could be of great help. Sometimes, it takes a bit longer than usual to find the right one for your family. So keep patience!

#3 Choose a Curriculum

The next step is designing or choosing a syllabus – one of the most essential steps. If you live in a state that doesn’t make it compulsory for you to follow the state curriculum, you have a wide variety of options available to you. You can make up a syllabus of your own. If you need to emphasize on science, instill more of scientific activities and if your focus is arts keep that in mind while making the syllabus. This can be time consuming but the results will turn out to be definitely satisfactory. If you belong to an educational background, you would definitely prefer this. If not, there are always pre-packaged curricula available. Various sites also offer free homeschooling material that can cut down your costs a bit!

#4 Scheduling!

Though homeschoolers have a very reflexive and easy go schedule opportunity, they must not waste it. Instilling discipline in your young one is now your responsibility. So a routine should be planned. Take a look at your syllabus and divide it into periods. Be frank about how much time you’d take according to your way of teaching – and yeah you could be quite innovative here! If you feel like, change your surroundings once in a while – instead of your residence room go in for a study on the grassy lawn or in the green park! But don’t forget to track your progress. You may need to review and make changes later on, but try your best to stick to this schedule.

#5Consider your child’s wishes

At times, especially when you withdraw your kid from the school, he or she may start feeling lonely. You may require a session of deschooling to get your child comfortable. Make sure you enroll your child in some club or library to avoid lowering his social terms. He or she needs to meet and make friends with people or else it could be harmful for his or her mental evaluation.

Homeschooling is not tough. In the beginning it may seem awkward, but once you get the rhythm, it’s all good. Be sure to be involved with your child’s activities even if you have hired a tutor. Make note of difficulties you face and mistakes you’ve made and refer to these when you start a new homeschooling term. If you make sufficient efforts, there can be nothing as rewarding as homeschooling.

Be careful, don’t fret and step ahead. All the best and may you succeed in this awesome adventure you’ve taken up.

Homeschooling Basics – Exploring The Role Of Homeschooling Father

While mostly men are taken to be the corporate world leaders, women are bestowed with the responsibility of bringing up and teaching the children in a homeschooling family. It is the woman who is expected to give up her career and run after the kids. But let me tell you, a homeschooling spree is successful only when the whole family part takes without any compromises. And so, the ‘bread winner’ would have to come to his knees and help out his beloved with the kids! So you Dad’s should brush up on their skills to deliver the role of a homeschooling father.

#1 Help your spouse

If you want to be a great daddy, start by being a great hubby! Help your wife with the daily chores. While coming back from the office, mentally prepare yourself to help out Mom. To make a greater impact, you can sometimes bring in take away dinners.

#2 Take up the discipline’s rein!

Usually, Mom is left to bear the ‘bad guy’ title while Dads are known as the fun guy! Well, it certainly is no good when the mother stays home during the school hours and is alone. It’s all the more tough for her to handle kids. So once in a while, be the spanker. Come home and take up the reins of discipline. And discipline also involves sending kids to bed at 8! This would give mommy the much needed rest she deserves.

#3 Cognitive interactions are necessary!

Reading with the kids aloud, even for a few minutes at night in the form of bed time stories, is quite effective in boosting their skills of reading – a process vital in every subject! It could be of great help to the mommy if you help your kids with it! She’d have a less task to worry about. Playing an active role in the learning process is surely something every dad desires, right?

#4 Never miss a chance to teach!ArtofBeingMe-Header21

Never let go of an opportunity to be a teacher if you are a dad, coz you don’t get any of those. A father I’ve heard of combines homeschooling with his business and that’s baking! Yes, he’s a bakery owner and asks his children to help him out. This way children get a clearer picture of what they’ve learnt by using it in their daily lives like book keeping and other stuff. So never let go of a chance – it need not be a baker’s job!

#5 Don’t overdo it!

Don’t be an over strict teacher when you are home, remember you are a dad too! Love is something a child needs and craves for. Public school children long to return home to the love and care of their parents, at some instances. But if you be an unforgiving teacher at all times, whom do you think your child will turn to at times of cherishment? So make your family bonding grow and know what role to imbibe at what instance!

#6 Set the curriculum together!

A perfect curriculum is set only when all the aspects of family traditions and children are kept in mind. It is said two heads are better than one, so join your wife in making the syllabus. It is not just your choice but your duty as a responsible father to help out with this particular task.

Next is standing up for your family. In the society, many a people would point out the negativities about homeschooling and discourage you all. At time like this, you, the man of the family is looked upon to take the family’s side and never let their hopes be lost.

Well, fathers play a very important role in making homeschooling successful. The first thing a responsible Dad should understand is, a happy married life is as important as a great curriculum along with a loving parent- teacher nature for the child to blossom. Your happy marriage sets an appreciable example to the kids. So love your wife thoroughly and support her at all times. Help out your kids at times and check on their works occasionally to give her a break. She’ll love you for that, I bet!