The Sunshine Award Again!

WildlifeThank you so much Catniss12 for nominating me for the sunshine bloggers award! You should all check out her amazing blog Eleven Cats! She’s a great blogger!!

I loved your answers! And I did check out the blogs you named!

For more details on what exactly the sunshine award is, check out my previous post on the topic.

I am stating the rules here:

  1. You must thank the blogger who nominated you.
  2. You must answer the questions asked by that blogger.
  3. You must nominate another set of bloggers.
  4. You must ask a few questions of your own to those bloggers.
  5. Notify the bloggers you nominated about the nomination!

The answers to the questions posed by catniss12 are:

1. What is your favorite part about blogging?

Well my favorite part is reading about other people’s point of view and sharing mine own. When they comment – critical or positive – i love them both! It’s like entering a whole new world!

2. What is the weirdest food you’ve every tried? Did you like it?

Umm….it was kheer made out of bottle guard. Kheer is an Indian sweet dish – for those who never knew it. That’s my mum’s speciality. And the very first time I had it, I had fallen in love with it! It’s wonderful!

3. What is something nice a stranger has done for you?

There have been many instances where strangers have helped me out. For example the fellow in the block in front of us used to keep his wifi unlocked for me lol! But seriously, owell, last year when I’d gone to a trip to Kolkata by train, while returning I was stuck alone between a group of men fighting over something. I had gone to visit the washroom, and while returning to my berth on the train, I got stuck between those huge creatures who were abusive and weren’t letting me pass. There, a guy had come forward to help me out. It was really kind of hiM! Later on he had helped us deport our luggage n stuff. I still dunno his name.

4. If you could spend a week anywhere, where would it be?

Anywhere out of my native town would do – but I’d love to go to Hawaii! Or maybe the himalayas!


5. What would your ideal pet be?

I don’t really crave for a pet but I guess a couple of Love birds would be my idea of a pet. I don’t like caging them in of course, so I don’t own them!

Now comes the part where I nominate people! In general, these people are amazing! Everyone of them have a wonderful skill. Their blogs are worth a check! Do read their write ups!

The bloggers I nominate are:

  1. Life Mantras” by Damini Shah 
  2. Mosaic of words
  3. Eatpraylove(mom)
  4. Robynchristi Things and Stuff
  5. Toward an authentic Me

Your questions:

  1. If you had to recommend a book to me, what would it be and why!?
  2. Do you believe in supernatural powers?
  3. If you had to change one characteristic feature of your personality or physique, what would it be?
  4. What’s your favorite social networking site?
  5. Are you a social freak or a loner? Why so?

Happy blogging! Stay blessed ❤



SHE – The one who’s amazing!

She’s pretty, undeniably so. Her perfectly silky hair makes you ask her for the secret mantra. Her glowing skin makes her the topic of the day. Her ability to look good in whatever saree she puts on makes her the local fashion icon. Though not slim, she’s the ideal woman.

She’s hardworking, inevitably so. Giving up all she earns to the family funds, she never complains about not being able to buy a lipstick of her choice without permission. Waking up at 4 in the morning, she cooks up the meals, gets ready for work and wakes up the lazy butts lying on their comfy bed. She never lets them get late.

She’s the best cook in town, I bet! You won’t be able to resist the urge to lick your fingers if you eat food cooked by her. Continental or traditional, spicy or sweet, vegetarian or non-vegetarian , name it and she can make it – tastier than the local chef in demand.

She’s the best teacher. Not just at the school she teaches, but at her own home. Sewing, embroidery, knitting, writing, cooking, driving, anything – she’s the one who teaches you the way you never forget.

She’s a wonder woman! Everything she’s been bearing is no joke. You won’t write much about it – and so won’t I, but yeah, she’s a wonder woman.

You can’t describe her in a few words, you can write a whole thesis on her and still you’d feel you’ve missed a few points.

Yeah she get’s angry, she yells, sometimes she gets intolerable, she get’s tired – but she rarely shows it (but when she does, I swear she’s as dangerous as a hungry lion, n i guess I’m not exaggerating, wink wink!). Gosh..I got started again!


That’s My Mummy!

She’s that good – rather great – that you can’t stop wondering how could someone be so great! Maybe I’m meddling up my words, but all I wanna convey is that SHE is unique and the best!

I feel so lucky to have her in my life.

It isn’t just this one day that I’m feeling lucky, I feel so every nano second of my existence! Right from supporting me while writing to editing my work, from bearing my drama to helping me grow up into a better human, she’s been there.

And the name I call her by is:  MUMMY! Sweet? I know!

But she’s sweeter….I wish everybody in the world could get someone as sweet as her in their lives. SHe’s the best and she rocks!

Even now, I ‘m not getting words to describe her – but she’s simply amazing, trust me!!!

Happy mother’s day to all those amazing, beautiful super mommies out there (including mine)! 

Don’t forget to leave a wish in the comments below 😉 !

PS: In India, mother’s day is being celebrated today! 

Love yourself Quote #2

So here goes my second love yourself quote! I’ll be posting more of these on a weekly basis! Hope it helps to keep you motivated through the day!


Befriend your mind, love your heart, marry your soul, and I bet you, happiness would never divorce you!

Stay tuned for more of these 🙂

Stay blessed! Love you all!