Spirit Animal Blog Award

Greetings to every soul fortunate enough to be breathing !

It’s a truly delightful day today!! The first day of 2016! Hope your resolutions and all are set! A very happy new year to you all! Loads of hugs love and kisses to you and your family ❤

It’s been a long  time since I’ve done award posts!

Today, I got nominated for the spirit Animal blog Award by an amazing person Susie! I’d recommend you guys to head on and click this button to check out her blog susieshy45 ! She writes about a lot of things including health tips and book reviews! No doubt, one of the most interesting bloggers to have contact with .


  • Add the picture to your post. spirit-animal-blogger-award.jpg
  • Write about you and your blog and which animal would you be if you had a chance to be!
  • Nominate 10 other bloggers! Yay!

Me and my blog!

Well, I’m a teenager – 16 years old to be precise – and there ain’t much to be said about me…just that I am not very keen on taking up responsibilities and yet I have to take them lol!

About my blog…well it’s a means of escaping the reality for me. Blogging is my virtual world – a virtuality that is somehow stringed to reality! (uh – i guess the world virtuality doesn’t exist…it sounds good though!)

Moving onto which animal would I like to be! A tiger would be the one. Power, dignity and grace is the word we associated with tigers. I guess I need not elaborate !


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These are one of my favourite blogs and I ensure you that each one of them have knowledge on various subjects that can engross you for hours together!