The day <3

A very cheerful good evening/morning to everybody reading this post!!

Here I am, a lost little creature, whose really happy today!

So firstly! Today’s rakshabandhan! A festival celebrated by Indian brothers and sisters where the sister ties a holy string on the left arm of the brother and the brother pledges to protect her always. Of course there’s a long story behind the fest, but I’ll come back to that on some other day!

For today, my brother, Subahshis,gave me a 111 buck (n lemme tell yo he’s just eleven so that’s a great deal ) and another brother of mine (joy ; check him out! ) treated me to a yummy pastry !

Thanks guys!

N now I come to second part. I got  nominated to the sisterhood of the world blogger’s award! N m super thankful to hotchocolate264 for this award! Do check her awesome blog out! It’s fabulous !image142

The rules go like:
 use the logo of the Award
* thanks the person who nominate you
* answer 10 question the person asked you
* nominate 10 blogs and notify them
* write 10 new questions for them

My answers:

1. Do you have a particular memory of your childhood you can remember better than any other? What is it, and Why?

No there’s none! I loved every part of my childhood…but there’s no memory that more prominent than the other!

2. Do you have any particular obsessions?

Yeah there are many! Zayn Mallik is one of them lol! N then comes chocolates, shoes and clothes. Books and my mobile are on the list too.

3. If you can live anywhere in the world, where would you chose to be? And why? 

I’d choose emerald city, lol! Ok to be real, I guess puri, a city of Orissa (India) would be great!

4. What is the best place you have ever been to?

Puri,Orissa,India! That city is love! The pure blend of spirituality and the fun waters of one of the best beaches of teh country is a complete haven for writers, peace and fun lovers alike!

Goa wasn’t bad !

5. Which animal you fear the most?


6. What did you want to be when you were a child?

An astronaut. Forever till I came to the ninth grade. Now m in the eleventh grade and wanna go in for cyber ethics.

7. If you had a restaurant, how would you call it?

I really don’t know…something like pikachu? I suck at naming lol! What would you suggest?

8. What is your favorite food?

Anything that has chocolate, cheese or chicken!

9. What is your favorite nail polish or makeup color?


My nominees:
(but this tym i’ll defy the rules! I won’t really notify the blogs 😉 !)

Mon ❤ (INFP.Anyone?)

Smitty Rooks


Damini Shah





(and here I’d like to add a couple of my brothers too!)



My questions:

  1. Do you like to play games? What’s your favorite one?
  2. Smartphones are a liability or an asset according to you?
  3. Do you like perfumes? Which is your favorite one?
  4. A book you would never forget!
  5. Which’s your fav song?
  6. One thing that you wish would happen in your life!
  7. What’s Your definition of perfect?
  8. Do you ever wish to return to your childhood days?
  9. Your favorite topic for a debate!?
  10. Do you like the present world?

9 thoughts on “The day <3

  1. Congratulations and Thank you Aayusi! Although as that is a Sisterhood, I don´t think men are allowed unless they open an brotherhood! but I thank you with all my heart your nomination! Thanks for having me in mind!!

    Liked by 1 person

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