Animal Cruelty in the Circus…

A great call to action !
We must realise that these evils aren’t really a talk of the past! Cruelty in form of child labour, domestic violence, female infanticide and animal abuse still exist!


Animal abuse is used in many different forms all over our world today. The circus which is a source of entertainment for people, takes part in major animal cruelty today. It has been around for many years. Some may think that the cruelty towards animals is a nature of the past. The truth is that it is not. We may not want to face the fact that it still does exist. Animals are very disadvantaged over humans. ย It is unfair for people to be so overpowering and think that they can do anything that they want, to a point where they take animals out of their natural habitat and force them to follow commands to entertain people is very wrong. In real life tigers and elephants donโ€™t run through fire hoops and so on. It takes a lot of practice to get these animals to perform the right way, andโ€ฆ

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11 thoughts on “Animal Cruelty in the Circus…

    • No! Ok I’ll give u an example. Imagine u are born n u are raised up in full freedom and then one day suddenly u are killed because u were MEANT to be killed…would that hurt u? No coz u r dead.
      But if you are born and raised n suddenly one day u r captured n put into a cage n asked to dance for people n eat only what I give u…that would suffocate u ryt? Because I’d be making your life a hell!
      You know that plants breathe too! N there r people like my dad who rear plants like kids…so if u say it’s cruel to KILL animals then how about killing plants …they live too!
      I’ll write a post on this …n I’ll tag u thanks


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