Atrocities of ‘CC’

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As promised, I’ll be talking about the atrocities of coaching classes today (this will, probably, be the last post on teenagers and their mental status in India).

In India, 99 out 100 school kids attend a coaching institute (CC or COACHING CLASSES) right from the age of 6 or probably less! (Millenials, hold on, I’m talking about THIS generation! The alphas!)

So, it’s like out of 24 hrs, 6 hrs are spent in school, 8 hrs of sleeping and 4 hrs are spent in the coaching institutes. The rest of the 6 hours are spent eating, bathing and doing the enormous amounts of homework given by these coaching institutes. It’s not like they charge a feeble amount or something. Their fees shoot up to a lakh or more per annum. And that definitely is ridiculous!

But the funnier part is yet to come. This amount is paid by the hard working parents to the institutes NOT for a better career guidance to their kids but to provide RECREATION to the kids!

The situation today is something like this : The coaching registers are neat whereas we don’t even have a register for school. The coaching homework is done sincerely whereas we don’t ATTEND school. We have a 100% attendance throughout the year in the coaching classes, whereas we strive to complete the 75% compalsurized (is there such a word?) by school. Why?

Because, of course, coaching is more fun! You meet different people, have  no disciplinary actions taken against you and you’re waited on hand and foot there! You think this will help you get into your favourite college? Lol! I mock you poor ridiculous kids! Ever thought about those village boys who got into IIT and made news the previous year? What about the super 30?  They didn’t have a lakh to pay! Yet they’re doing better than you.

Now to those who manage to finally get into the IITs by getting tutored by these centres of education : How successful are you in life? If you think money is success and since you earn a good amount you’re successful, lemme clarify that you’re wrong. Of course everybody has a different definition to what success is, but basically it’s the good outcome of an undertaking. And money is not it.

Success is when you do something other than filing papers in a huge company. Success is when you construct a building that’s flawless, success is when you make a medicine that eradicates the need to go to a doctor often, success is when you find means of saving lives, success is when you THINK and make a change, success is when you make this world a better place.

The coaching centres are giving us knowledge without understanding. You think doing 150 numericals an hour is education? No! The proof that you’ve truly learnt something isn’t getting all of those 150 answers right. The actual proof comes when you can EXPLAIN the concept of at least one of those numericals to a complete lay person. But I know that half of the times you yourself don’t know it!

I agree I myself go to coaching classes, 4 hrs a day. Why you’d ask, eh? Just keeping up with the fad!

I haven’t joined a fancy air conditioned famous academy where I gotta pay a lakh per year, but I definitely have joined an academy. And trust me, it disheartens me to see the state of students there. Basically, to fulfil my dreams and somehow beat those ‘over smart’ pieces of printed encyclopaedias (I mean the students who can do 150 questions an hour),  to my favorite college I NEED to cheat. And hence I find myself in these classes.

Recently, there have been a number of issues regarding these classes. A boy A (check my previous posts ) committed suicide recently. His well wishers claim that it’s the physics teacher who forced him to join his private tuitions and the pressure eventually killed the child. The city calls him a ‘dalal’  (never mind the translation – just that it’s not a kind word). Well, to those city dwellers I question, who encouraged the rise of coaching classes? This physics teacher killed one student (I hope it’s not true), but the other ‘dalals’ like R and M (I’m sure some of you know what I’m talking about and to my foreign friend’s I’d say these are some great coaching institutes down here) are DESTROYING thousands of students. They’re ruining their career. Do you guys do anything about it.

The other day a boy claimed it isn’t abnormal for teenagers to drink and smoke now. To that boy I’d say : It IS abnormal man! It isn’t the age! Look where it landed poor A. It causes lack of emotional and mental stability! And these coaching centres are where bad habits breed!

Some of you would say that it’s purely on the teen to be a good child or a bad one. But I’d oppose that. Teenagers are emotionally imbalanced and have little say when bad habits are enforced on them. Trend is something they tend to adopt and when addiction is the latest trend, you can’t blame the teen !

As aware citizens of democratic India, it is OUR responsibility to stop this business called coaching (sounds so much like poaching!). Bug your school teachers, take the help of books and internet. Raise YOUR standards and not the amount you pay. I call out to those revolutionaries out there participating in candle marches : march against these ‘dalals’. Student force has a lot of power, if only it’s directed towards the right issues!

Wake up. Make this place a better one. Get a life. Dance, play, live, learn. Don’t mug up.

Enjoy life because you only live once.

31 thoughts on “Atrocities of ‘CC’

  1. Well said…. learning and not merely studying should be your objective. As for those 150 numericals types haha… they better not meet me.. I was once given an impossible assignment in order to beg for my admission ticket to the exam.. They gave me the question bank for the maths paper (maybe a 1000 problems or so) and asked me to solve it fully.. it took me just a day.. the next day I go there, they are spooked.. how? etc.. and then the crafty look in their eyes when they see I don’t have the steps performed completely.. “Did you cheat?” … well, no… I solve it in my mind.. that is how.. They just did not believe it.. But here is the thing.. I even taught them how to do it hahaha… I did have a bad time before that.. but they were friends for life after that. That maths department was like family to me. Throughout engineering, they stood by me.. always.. teachers can be your best friends too 🙂

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  2. Amazing article and nice approach. This coaching system is trascending the greed of marks in students rather than gaining practical knowledge. Schools have become less responsible now, the teachers and students both know they rely upon coachings.
    Teachers who don’t teach in school classrooms are teaching good in coaching in fact.
    Eduction system has totally turned into a business.
    Now a days I see LKGs,UKGs kids attending tuitions to learn basic AB,C. Parents are obsessed about tutions. That’s pathetic.

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    • Exactly ! A few minutes ago I was engaged in a debate with a fellow mate who said that he attends coaching because the school faculty isn’t good enough. Imagine the irony of the fact that a few yrs ago the same school faculty was the best in the city. The teachers have stopped making efforts because they know the children are least bothered abt them !
      Thank u for the thoughtful words and the appreciation Ms Sharma 🙂

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  3. Hey, being a student just of your age, and living in the same sort of environment I can rely realty to every word you have so meanifully stitched into an article here- articulate and precision in reaching out to those it is meant to be read by. I agree with every word written here and I hope such kinds of kids and their parents especially read it. Such suicides are a really disturbing fact. Great blog and the topics are certainly well defined for bloggers like me. Good going. 👍🏻😄

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